• Without upgrading hardware, I would say update your drivers, remove programs you do not use, Defrag your hard drive, get rid of programs that run in the back ground. You know all the little icons next to your clock.
  • Try folling these five steps
  • You may need more memory or a larger hard drive. If your computer used to work fast last year or the last 2 years and now it is slow, then the hard drive might not have enough empty space to run efficiently. Install a new hard drive and it should run faster again.
  • Trim all the unnecessary crap from your startup list. The easiest and safest way to do it is with Spybot Search and Destroy. Find the mode option > Select the advanced view, Under the tools menu, theres a button called system startup. Go there. Take your time, if you are unsure what something is, then leave it alone. Or take a picture of the screen and we at answer bag will help you with it. If you are running norton antivirus, then uninstall that piece of garbage; your pc will be much faster with out it. Consider replacing it with Avira, it uses fewer system resources and has 2-4x the virus detection rate of Norton. The second thing you can do is add more RAM. For around $50 you can get 1-2GB of the stuff. Third, get a defrgmenter like Diskeeper Pro Premier. The fourth thing you can do, is to overclock the system. Don't take this as a free ride, there are some risks involved. Delete old files that you do not need or burn them to DVD then delete. Movie/Video files will eat storage capacity very fast.
  • Put it in your car, truck,.... and hit the peddle..... j/k just like putting newt bread in a toaster..
  • Well, we got DSL...I suppose if one were to dump some unused software the computer might run faster, but I am not very knowledgeable about such things. DSL definitely saves time! :)
  • Uninstall unused programs, close any applications, or jstu reboot it. :)
  • Clean out all the temporary internet files, Cookies, and history files, and most annlying My Recent Documents. There's NO way to stop the computer from keeping it. I've clicked the box to stop it. Microsoft wins again! It's mind boggling and hard drive boggling as well as to how much of this garbage we don't want gets stuffed into our computers. Get rid of it and you'll see the speed come back to life.

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