• i love my daughter with all my heart, i would never give her up for nothing..and if someone messes with her..i'll turn in to a grizzly bear...but..i just regret who i had my daughter with. right now i have a PFA against her father..he abused me mentally and physically...he chose her name..not me..and there's nothing i can do. because he would have to agree on me changing it. right now her name is Cheyenne Rose Jones..i want..Shiann Lynn McKinney. but still...i mean i cant go out and stay out all hours of the night..and gotta watch what i do, and who i'm with..i live with my parents again..because my ex/her father got me fired from my job..soo yea...but i love her..i'd fight for her..i'd die for her..i just regret having her to my ex. WHAT ABOUT YOU????
  • Absolutely not. My kids are what I measure my success by. I've done very well. [patting self on back]
  • I don't know about anyone else, so I will answer for myself. I do not regret having my son. Having him is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I can't imagine my life without him in it.
  • Never once have I regretted having any or my three children. Along with my husband, they are my world! I have enjoyed every minute of raising them and they are all wonderful adults now.
  • I don't have any, but I would never regret that if I had any. Kids are a blessing.
  • Not one bit! My kids are my life.
  • My parents do.
  • My kids have annoyed me over the years even drove me over the edge sometimes. however at the end of the day they are my kids and I love them and know they are a blessing.
  • Not me. I was smart enough not to waste my time, money, and emotional well-being on a sprog. Don't get me wrong; parenthood is GREAT for some people. However, I lack the patience to deal with them for ANY amount of money, and the pre-natal are alone would've put my wife and I out on the streets, so reproduction was not an option for us even if we wanted to create a little deviant of our own.
  • No, I get mad at them, but I love them to death, wouldnt trade them for nothing in the world.
  • I don't have kids so I would say that I don't regret being childless. I think most of the kids I see are really cute, especially ones of different races. I love kids as friends but I don't think I'd be a good, responsible parent because I likes me sleep and I loves me recreational activities. :D
  • No I love having children they are my life they are all I got i'm a single parent so I would be lonely

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