• Yes. It is a fact that the farther you go with your education the more money you will make.
  • Yes, as long as you use school as a place to learn. The social stuff is not that important, it is only a short portion of your life. What you learn and take into your future is important.
  • In my opinion it is
  • Absolutely
  • Yes. If anyone tells you otherwise, dismiss then on face. Education is good for your career as well as good for the soul. Education provides you freedom. As a college educated person, I can dig a ditch or work in corporate America. Without an education you are limited in your choices.
  • Yes, it is worth it and important. Everyone needs a good education.
  • Absolutely! If I could make a career out of going to school and get paid for it, I would. I love school!
  • Just like anything's what YOU put into it.
  • You will know 15 years from now but then its too late.
  • Guess I'll be the black sheep then. School is important if you want to be able to find good jobs and entrance into further educational establishments. Sure you'll make a lot of money. But people with no education and enough will power can still climb to high peaks, it just seems to take more work. It's no secret to anyone, but school IS training wheels for society, such as suggested comportment and behaviours with those around you, and the tasks you're given. Basically it teaches you how to pay the rent on time and get along with your co-workers. It's not bad, because weather you like it or not, you have to abide by society's standard morality anyways. But to me it felt like brainwashing and individual mould busting. If you don't fit in a certain genre, the kids don't like you, if you write abstract essays about your own ideas, the teachers don't approve, if you don't conform to what they tell you is right and wrong you're dismissed. I think everyone knows that, and it's not necessarily bad, but I still don't like how your values and ideas should change at school when you're barely smart or wise enough to come up with your own. But I guess people need guidance, but was I the only one who saw ill intent in this guidance sometimes? I certainly won't argue that someone needs to teach you what morality is, but I think it should be up to us to make our ideas ABOUT it, instead of being told to think a certain way. I don't think it's just your grades and papers that allow you a better job once out, it's that you've been taught to go with the flow and be more comfortable with what you conformed to, which applies to most of modern society to begin with. Yeah I always have these ''everyone's against me'' spiels, don't mind me. Reading writing and counting are more then important, and I couldn't imagine my life without being able to do this. Truth is, I learned this a lot more on my own then I ever did at school. DOUBLE RANT. With this sorta instillation, it's like the educational system thinks every kid learns the same and at the same pace. No, they don't actually think that, school's improved since when my father used to tell me how direct it was, but even so, it should be realized that some students have no interest at all and won't bother, then they're labeled as being slow and stupid, and led to BELIEVE this. You need to find other ways to get them interested in work. Others ARE slow, and need more elaborate teaching methods. Some are rebels at heart, and oppression just won't work. The Inquisition is an awesome subject for me. When I was in school they demanded I do an essay on it. I was like, go to hell lol. Of course, I didn't actually know what the word even meant back then. XD Hell, some kids probably crave and WANT more discipline. There are good methods like home schooling, private schools and alternative classes, but I think it still needs work. One of the things I see is that by always trying to push mentalities or ideas unto kids, they're making them rebel with the very behaviour they're originally trying to suppress or avoid. :/ My main complaint is that I don't think they try hard enough for everyone...but if my society training idea is true, then I guess it's completely fine, and is the point. People need to learn how to fight for themselves. I learned basic math by playing Final Fantasy and proper English by going on forums and being flamed for bad spelling. There's plenty of other ways to learn. I don't like how school and education is claimed as the only legitimate source and that this is confirmed by society, when all knowledge and methods of obtaining it are valid. I used to despise school and if I only just knew back then how little the teachers could have done in the face of retaliation or insubordination, I so woulda yelled back. But yeah, that's stupid too. I also have to question the material they present and teach sometimes. Most kids who graduated out of my school ended up working at MacDonald's. Of course that's their problem, maybe they just didn't try. There are different people, for all walks of life, and all have their uses, even if as mere warning beacons for society, like bums. Don't do your homework, and you'll end up like that old guy!

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