• I used to always do that. Now I live out in the country and can't see anyone, and really don't know if anyone is moving in or out anyway!
  • We don't have neighbours. Our house is surrounded in business . It kinda sucks but the house was cheap.
  • if i did that, where i live id be thought of as a nosy neighbour or an idiot? ppl round here are not very friendly, and get a bit suspicious if anyone shows goodwill
  • This is a GREAT question. Even though I tell myself that I do, the true answer is that life has gotten so busy that I don't always, only perhaps 40% of the time. The turn-over of neighbors makes it hard. The fact that neighbors don't talk over the back fence anymore makes it hard. The fact that there are exactly ZERO housewives at home makes it hard. I am a hard-working lawyer. My neighbors are in the new American trend of changing houses like they change their underware.... I wish things were different, but now that this question has me thinking about it, I will try to do better on this!
  • Nopers! But they should bring me cookies:)
  • I'll knock at the door and introduce myself. Then later I might bring something like cookies.
  • no,but if i happen to see them i will always say g'day,and if they have been there for a while & they seem normal i will always invite them to my party if im having one
  • Yep, we make sure we introduce ourselves, and take something baked or a small pretty plant and for the most part the ones that were here before us, did the same. :)
  • I would love to be able to say "yes." But unfortunately I get so caught up in my own life, I often don't notice we have new neighbors until they've been here a while. That's one of the things I'm working on. +5
  • I just moved into a new place and my new next door neighbor came over and said that she figured I was exhausted from moving and didn't want to cook (little does she know I rarely cook) and brought over a chicken casserole. it was so sweet and lovely of her. It's a favor I definitely plan on reciprocating. But before I moved at my old place whenever somebody new moved in I'd introduce myself first then bring them my list of places that deliver;)
  • We do. Our neighborhood has little movement, but we always get a dinner list (neighbors signing up to take meals to the "new" family) so the family doesn't have to worry about dinner for the first 5 or 6 nights in their new house.
  • Not in this day and age. Honestly I'm afraid to approach people. I can never tell if people want to be bothered or not. In my neighborhood everyone stays to themselves.
  • I do :) Plate of cookies. LeeLee's Lasagna. Coffee cake. You name it :)
  • No, as all of them have been family so we already do things together. But there is one home up here that has new owners, though they only come up for hunting season. Haven't approached them because they are always doing target practicing and shooting their guns:-(
  • well ive only lived away from my parents 4 6 monts so nobody has moved into the street...but i was upset when not 1 neighbour introduced them selves to us and we only got 1 xmas card out of aboout 6 houses...even that was late...and because of that if any1 does move in i shall bake(maybe buy) them something nice 2 eat while moving!
  • Not unless it's someone who I might be interested in.
  • No I never have
  • I live in England and nothing like that has ever happened that I can remember I think it would be nice if it did but we are lucky if we get a 'hello' over the fence
  • I have had Welcome Wagon come to my house but I have not seen them in many years. I wonder if they still exist.

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