• Some sec students I don't even know, everytime I get near them, they say: Hi Tomy! In very arrogant way, the worst, I'm in sec 3!
  • I had an X girlfriend attack me with one of my juggling machetes whilst I was taking a shower.
  • Labor!
  • I was leaving an abusive boyfriend and had taken my son to a friends while I went home and packed up our stuff. The call came in that my son was really sick and almost out of formula. I told her not to worry that I'd be on the bus tomorrow but I over slept and missed the bus. Knowing I had to get to him I gave away everything we had and packed all of his things I could fit in a garbage bag throw it over my shoulder and hit the road. I figured I'd wait to stick out my thumb until I passed the Country Kitchen at the edge of town but I didn't even make it that far when a truck pulled up and opened the door. Jesus music blaring from the radio and an elderly man behind the driver seat. He asked me where I was going and I explained the situation. I got in his truck and he told me " God told him to pick me up" I thought he was nuts!! He drove me home and even bought my meals along the way. He took me & my son to the hospital. Bought and replaced everything we had to leave behind and slept on my couch until we knew my son was alright before he finally walked out my door. About a month or so later he stopped by my mom's to check up on us and I haven't seen him since.
  • One of the craziest things happened yesterday. Flew to California with my friend who was buying a new car. We got the car, and had it totally detailed before we left -- a couple marks buffed out and a couple paint-chips from test-drives, etc. We drove over 2,100 miles home without a problem. Got within 35 miles of the house yesterday afternoon and a truck in front of us lost part of his load of lumber, etc. Part of it hit the ground and we ran over it. Two pieces of plywood hit the new car -- one covered the windshield so we couldn't even see. It broke the grill, scraped the hood, dented the roof, dented the door, and scraped and dented the bumper, and did some damage underneath. The guy in the truck never stopped -- he just kept on going.
  • A guy I was walking by asked me to punch him in the face real quick. I told him no, I can't do that, and walked away worried about him running up behind me.
  • I was hit by a car (slow moving, thank god) in front of Wal*Mart. That explains why I hate Wal*Mart so much!
  • Being born.
  • My brother stabbing me and almost cutting off two of my fingers.
  • My cat some of the stuff he does...

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