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  • Everyone has their own ability to trust again. From experience, a cheater is a cheater. Will the always cheat on every partner they have, not necessarily. But chances are greater that they will re-cheat on the partner if there is no resolution as to the why. There is always a why. For every action there is a reaction. Find the why. Good luck to you!
  • the why is known and has been solved...
  • People can change, when they really want to and are not forced to change. If they really do change, it is very possible that they were sorry for what they did to you (or sorry that they got caught).
  • Yes and no, it's up to the person. It's up to you in the end whether you want to take the risk of a broken heart again at another point in life or happiness for a long time. Just remember, there's plenty of fish in the sea, as s/he proved when cheating on you.
  • It depends. they could have made a stupid mistake or are just saying that. If they did it once they are capable of doing it again.
  • I think that it's possible. However, I'm not sure if I could deal with that. I've never been cheated on, but I think it would hurt too much to stay with the person if I was.
  • Yes they can. But do you want to live with that kind of uncertainty? My gosh.
  • Yes, it can happen. Yes, SOME people are really sorry it happened and don't want to do it again, especailly when they see/know the hurt it caused. However, there ARE a lot of people who claim they are sorry and swear fidelity, just to keep the one they cheated on. Forgiveness and "letting it go" depends on whether YOU actually trust what they've said. (You NEVER forget, but the hurt fades, and you should NEVER bring it up again, especially in arguments.)
  • I think they can but it depends on the situation and what happened on how much can you forgive and forget. If they happen to get drunk and kissed something, that was a break in judgment and they can regret it and learn from it. If they meet someone, talked to them and met secretly and hooked up. That is a lot different then a few seconds of misjudgment. Then they wanted that other person for a reason and you may never forgive them and the relationship wont work out but they can learn after losing that relationship. If they have cheated on other people in the past, and didn't really seem to regret those times, then they just aren't ready to settle down, and they may never change or not change until they are truly ready to settle down. Over time you can get the trust back but it's not really if they won't do it again, but can you get that image out of your head and really truly forgive and forget. They might not ever do it again, but can you forgot about what they did? Most people can say if I was ever cheated on I would drop them in a heart beat, but in reality when you really care/love someone you want to work it out. So the hardest part, is not the cheater but the cheated on to get over it and forgive.

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