• need to check fuses at battery box and make sure you have power at ecm
  • A bad oil pressure switch for the ECM would create a no start condition, you need to read the engine codes!
  • It runs on ether, but otherwise won't start. It's not getting fuel, or it's not getting enough fuel. Detroits are very picky about getting air into the fuel system. Check over EVERYTHING in the fuel system thoroughly. Since you've bypassed the filter, the anti-drainback valve isn't the culprit (besides, it should then stay running once you've started it on ether) so you need to look further. Carefully check over all hoses, fittings, and valves.
  • Had the same problem on a 60 series back in 2002. When I found out that I was low on water, even tho the engine was not over heating. There was a temperature sensor near the top of the radiator, just a few inch's below the cap. And when the water/coolant level dropped below it. It would cause the same thing to happen. This may not be your problem, but it was mine one night when I was trying to get back home. And it only took a nice person driving by that late night. To go a few miles down the road to get some water. Thank God for good people.........Plus 5 for your question & hope you find the problem................M.C.S.
  • restricted fuel lines, air entring the fuel service points,or possibly disconnected or crossed wire to battery from ecm or contaminated fuel, good luck, buddy
  • What is a detriot 60 series?...A real poor boat anchor...If it ain't a cat it's a dog

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