• Yes to a certain extent it would , though I broke up with him , so I guess I have to accept it -- + 5
  • No, I broke up with them for a reason.. and she'd be free to go do whatever or whomever she pleases. When it's over, it's over. Finis!
  • Not really. I'm sure I had a good reason for kicking them to the curb. Or I wouldn't have cut them loose. Assuming I'm the one that initiated the break up in the first place.
  • No. I would almost expect it. It better not be anybody I know.
  • If the breakup wasn't mutual (i.e. they broke it up) yes I think it would... because I couldn't help wondering whether their ability to transfer their affections so quickly might be somehow related to the possibility that there was something 'wrong' with me. If I'd broken it off then I'd probably be glad that they were over it enough to get on with their life and think about something else. Not sure if that's a help, but I tried!
  • yes no doubt, unless you hate them for some reason or other. To see them with another so soon is hurt full.
  • That would depend. If my spouse was seeing someone just before getting kicked out yes it would however if it started the day I moved out I would wish them the best and move on.
  • Not really, unless we both knew there was a chance we could get back together.
  • No, my girlfriend went out with my best mate and I wasn't bothered.
  • oh goodness yes. I think it would bother most people.
  • Nope. Once a couple breaks up, they're free to date whoever they want, as soon as they want. In fact, I think it's wise to move on whenever it feels comfortable to do so.
  • I don't think so. The relationship ends immediately.
  • Yes, it bothered me but he went on even though I broke up with him. It was with someone that I knew and disliked. He cheated on me with her and others so she can have him. I hope that they are happy because I wasn't happy with him.
  • It really depends on how long and how involved the relationship was, and the details of the breakup. If you were together only a few months, I don't think it would bother most people. If you were together for a very long time, it might get under your skin a bit, but you may have wanted out for so long that you are thankful that he has moved on and is no longer bugging yourself. If it were a "trial" separation type situation I think it would be very disturbing...
  • 9 times out of would. No matter how much it hurts.......Got to play it cool.......Keep your dignity.........people will be impressed.
  • That all depends. I think anyone who can jump into another relationship literally days after breaking up with someone or losing them to death never truly loved their partner. If I knew or suspected this all along it's probably would not bother me all that much but if I had no clue that my partner really didn't care about me I think I wold be extremely hurt that they had moved on so quickly.
  • Yeah - you'd wonder what they were REALLY feeling for you when you were together.
  • Actually, yes. I'm more than certain that that would hurt me like hell.
  • Nope. If I broke up with them it was for a good reason, and they can do what they want.
  • Well yes, it would piss me right off! I expect him to grieve the end of our 25 year relationship for at least a week, minimum.
  • Well, I would know I got rid of them for a reason. I might assume, however, that they may have been seeing that person on the side prior to leaving. So, yes, it would hurt, but it would reaffirm my convictions/reasons for(perhaps) breaking up with said person.
  • my boyfriend did, and it's still killing me. And the bad thing about it, he would call me to hook up with him. He just wanted me to be a booty call for him. I told him no, go be with the woman he left me for. Now he won't even talk to me. I rather be lonely and hurt than be degraded and a booty call.
  • it definitely would, but that doesn't mean i'd do anything about it, it's how the world turns and you've just got to hang in there ... ;-)... one thing that has helped me time and again is the thought that "everything's going to be alright..."
  • I don't think so. When I say I don't want to be with her anymore it shouldn't mean she has to be alone.
  • It depends on the situation obviously, but if I ended it because things just weren't working I think I would be a little upset that he moved on so quickly to someone else, but I guess that just would mean it wasn't meant to be.
  • Yes it absolutely would, unless I completely had come to dislike that person.

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