• Not as bad as others, but I did get rid of my World of Warcraft account for a reason! I ignore chores daily and do them all in 15 minutes before going to bed.
  • No if i need something done it (usually) gets done
  • LOL i used to play wow too. but now i play other games and reloaded wow. But i do my chores more often now.. or i try to.
  • I wouldn't say I "avoid" them but to rephrase - I ummmm... get caught up on the computer and before I know it, houshold chores did not get done. THERE. I feel better wording it that way. lol!
  • No, I take care of the important projects and chores before I let myself enjoy some computer time.
  • No, my work and kids needs are first after all that is none then i get on the computer.
  • Sometimes I do. But I usually work and come onto AB during mini breaks.
  • I try to make sure everything is done, before I sit down at the PC. I'd feel guilty if I just sat here all the time like a big lump, ignoring my family and other things I need to do.
  • guilty as charged,i just read your question out to my girlfriend and now im never going to hear the end of it,hehehe......................god! help me she's still going on.............................and still...................and still.........ok ok ill get the hoover out.see you later everybody i have to go now
  • Constantly... In fact, I only do chores when they absolutely have to be done. Of course, living alone helps...
  • 24/7 I would make it more but there isn't any more than 24/7 EXCEPT if it involves horses, horse riding or talking about horse and horse riding.
  • Yes . . . I've been doing it since I joined Ab in December and my house is crumbling around me!! I have company coming the end of this month and I've GOT TO GET ON IT!
  • Have you been peeking, Sweet T? I prefer to refer to it as "going toward something" rather than "avoiding something"! I am reaching out to my AB friends to communicate, learn and share things...dusting or vacuuming will always be there..I can always do that "later"! :) Happy Sunday! :) ((hugs))
  • I do avoid household chores and projects around the house far too often so that I can be on the computer. I should really change my habits soon.

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