• It's easier to be taken advantage of by the locals, and you become an easier target for thieves that prey on tourists.
  • It often works out cheaper to travel with friends/a partner, as you can get to split costs for food, transport and hotels. Also, being by yourself makes you more vulnerable and an easier target, not to mention you could get really lonely. On the plus side, though, you might also get to befriend other travellers/locals, that would have otherwise thought you're not approachable, and make new friends more easily.
  • Being alone is ALWAYS a good thing.
  • Being alone is always good!!!
  • All that time on the Amtrak from NYC to Washington, DC give you time to think. You can even give yourself a manicure.
  • You can go where you want, eat where you want, take as much time as you want... all with no compromises. Still, I'd give those freedoms up for good company.
  • there are many advantages on both sides..but one example that many people will not pick is: If you are trying to learn the language --go alone...I have been with friends in China and alone...My use of chinese skyrocketed when it had to..When you are hungry you learn key words very quickly.
  • Advantages: Getting the bed all to yourself. Disadvantages: Getting the bed all to yourself!
  • I have travelled a bunch,mostly on my own. I love it! read more about me hear...... Probably because I take advantage of it. Locals take me in because I respect their culture. Being alone is easy to get tickets to travel, ie: bus, train, taxi, plane... You can meet a bunch of people when you are alone too! Meet people when you want! You don't have to wait for friends to get up at noon(so you don't waste your days). You are your own boss! The best experience of travelling alone, is that you will learn more about yourself...The worst thing about travelling alone is.... ZERO!
  • Advantages: You get to make all of the decisions. You don't have to compromise on anything. It's cheaper to travel alone. Solitude can be refreshing. You can make new friends more easily alone. Disadvantages: Some things are better to experience with companionship. It may be lonely. You'd have to dine alone unless you made new acquaintances at your destination. It's probably less safe to travel alone. You'd have no one to share memories with.
  • The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travelswith another must wait "til that other is ready." Thoreau Disadvantage is that it can be lonely with no one to talk to and share with.

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