• none that i know of
  • Too numerous to mention. The key is moderation in all things. Personally I am quite sensitive to substances, rarely partake. As it becomes legal and corporations commercialize it and make products, more care has to be taken. I would stay as close to natural as possible if you take it.
  • The "advantages" of cannabis, as compared to precedents set by alcohol use, in a nutshell: Far less addictive and it creates far less physical damage. Alcohol, aspirin, and the caffeine in coffee are as much "drugs" as cannabis but we only identify cannabis as a "drug" in order to stigmatize it. A great deal of what we consume is not good for us like alcohol, high fat foods, high sugar foods, salt, and many other foods that are significant is causing physical problems. We don't make them illegal because that's not the purpose of laws. People should make those decisions for themselves in a free society. It is hypocritical, illogical, and biased to isolate cannabis and hold it to a standard to which other comparable consumables are not held. Disadvantages of cannabis are always associated with extremely heavy and chronic use which is far less prevalent than alcohol use showing a blatant bias of the attitude toward cannabis.

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