• You mean a double line break so there is a blank line separating paragraphs? type   in the line you want to leave blank.
  • I just use a period in the line I want blank.
  • I always just press enter.
  • Good question. You could try, <br> for one line break or <br><br> for a two line break.
  • i just use a period. . its simple. . and almost invisible.
  • Like Brian said in his answer, typing "nbsp ;" Without the quotation marks.
  • My favorite comment hacks, all in one place: • Line break in comments: &nbsp;   • Bullet in comments (or answers): &bull; • Breaking the 1000-char comment limit: edit offline, then post a single line comment with the minimum chars, e.g. "....". Then click Edit, and paste your epistle into the comment field. If the comments are coming fast and furious from others, it's a good idea to refresh your browser before posting, to make sure you've seen what they have to say first. No more cross-posts in long discussions! • Every once in a while, something should be Trademarked™ (&trade;) • Arrows: &uarr;↑ &darr;↓ &rarr → &larr; ← There are many more fun HTML "entity codes" you can insert in comments and answers, here's a list:

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