• I'd ask my vetrenarian.
  • Sure sounds like you're describing fleas. Check the net for home remedys for baby kittens. If nothing sounds logical, see the vet. Hope you don't have them in the house because they'll jump onto the rug and then you really have a time getting them out.
  • Frontline is the safest, in SPRAY form, treat the queen, check the pack for age you can do babies, until then eat plenty of garlic, hopefully it will stop them biting you! (most certainly flea's) Best to do all chores like de-fleaing, worming etc., prior to kittening.
  • Tea tree is a natural flea repellant also, so put some on you and family until the little devils have gone.
  • My cat has these too. Dawn dish soap killed a lot of them then I just combed the remaining out. I don't think they are fleas because they do not jump
  • i would take your kittens to the vet

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