• A 14 year old boy decided to take his shirt put it on his head like a turban & held a sign on the back window of his bus saying "I'm going to blow up this bus"
  • Hmm, he wouldnt be able to retell the story.
  • I'd hit beat the idiots that get offended over everything. Who really cares?
  • I'm not aware of this story, but some severe retribution would be in order. It would have to be something that would aid in his maturing process as well. I'm told suffering does that, lol.
  • You know I'm totally against violence, but I'm glad this idiot is facing charges. Joking (if he was joking) about terrorism is NOT funny!
  • I think he needs to be committed. That is not the act of a normal 14 years old boy. He does not seem to be of sound mind.
  • Sounds like SOMEBODY wanted out of school FOREVER. He should be made to work with Middle Eastern people, probably in the Peace Corp or the like (since he won't be attending school for a time). It should NOT be an easy job.
  • I honestly don't know. I like to believe that my child would come out of the house I raised him with enough sense NOT to lose his mind on a school bus, but the honest truth is that kids can surprise you. Honestly, I'd spank him (at 14, I sure would!) and ground him for a very long time IF he escaped a jail sentence. My house would become a jail - certain impersonating a terrorist...need to be taken VERY seriously.
  • I might kill him and take the consequences :)
  • Sadly, I can see a lot of boys his age thinking this is just funny. This sounds like something he'd see on Family Guy or South Park. He's probably just a dumb kid imitating TV trying to get attention. Well, he got it. This kid should be punished like he'd never could've imagined.
  • he's a 14 year old kid being a if he had done this a few years ago NO ONE would have thought twice about it ...way to many up tight people running around at the moment ...sorry but it was a joke and no harm done so a kick up the arse is enough... I would be worried about the fuckwits running around in schools who are "normal" with dad guns under their shirt
  • yeah, id let the law do what they needed, then there would be such a spanking, a harsh grounding, and whatever other punishment I could think of. My kid would rue the day he/she did such a horrid prank!
  • If he were my kid....I'd be very upset that he would put me through that. But no son of mine (if I ever have one) would act like that, so at least I don't have to worry.
  • What a f**ktard. No kid of mine would even think about pulling this crap. Trust me. This kid does realize that the felony charges he is facing could end up costing his parents everything right? I hope so. Unbelievable (shakes head).
  • In response to those who want this kid hung, drawn and quartered - sure it's funny. Demented, irresponsible and immature, but funny. When did we all become so humourless that we can't laugh at idiocy and how braindead do we have to be to realize that a serious terrorist isn't going to wind his shirt round his head and hold up a sign? This kid will suffer more and learn more from being laughed at than from all the headshaking and finger wagging going on. The thing that offends me most about this, if anything, is the fact that the kid is both ignorant and racist. Now if we were to jail people for these "crimes", most of the population of the US and the UK might well end up in prison. Come to think of it, maybe that isn't such a bad idea.
  • First of all, I'd take that child to the police station. Then I'd find some of the worst videos on terrorists I could find, while they sat in jail, I'd have them watch with the volume up very high, on head phones. Then a 1000 word essay on what's funny about this joke? After that, an appointment to a counsler. A job to pay any and ALL legal fees. And last but not least, a full year of volunteer work at the nearest VA hospital.
  • lol complete failure. Not in the slightest bit funny. I would have seriously beaten him up if I was on that bus at the time. Bear in mind that I would never hurt a fly 99% of the time.
  • For one month,each waking moment, he would wear a sign around his neck at school, which states........... "I threatend to hurt my fellow students".
  • Beating 14-year-olds senseless is child abuse and is not among the acceptable severe consequences for this felony. The kid needs to be punished, but YOU need to be watched by Child Protection authorities. 14 is way too old for corporal punishment by a parent to be effective, anyway.
  • After serving many years in law enforcement, this kid could be a good kid. He just went overboard in wanting attention. Someone advertising threats are usually the least of our worries, but we do take note. I just wish the other kids around him would have laughed at him, making him feel like a fool. The driver should have stopped and made him get off the bus, sign and all. We could have brought him in, scared the hell out of him, and then told him that there are many other options out there that could get attention. Ones that would be effective, but not get him in serious trouble. The school could ban him from riding the bus for awhile, but make him promise, once he could, he could wear a turban, but no signs. A good kid is allowed to make a mistake every once in a while, we just have to be there to scare him back on path.
  • no! that is child abuse. He thought it was a joke, I'm assuming, teens do crazy stuff like that for attention, but I wouldn't cause physical harm to the kid. I'm sure he's been grounded for many,many, many months!

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