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  • I went to a Birthday party that turned into a sex party.
  • no but i want to... have you???
  • I went to a stag once where a prostitute was paid to have guys volunteer to have sex with her in front of everyone.
  • ----------suppose to be a comment
  • I don't mix with people who would have a "sex party". I like a private one on one party at home with my husband.
  • I'm never in the right place at the right time to here of such a thing.
  • Only with one woman at a time, nice private parties.
  • Hell, I've hosted them! But I set an entry rule and only do it for my friends, not for strangers.
  • I've been to two. As of now I am an Independent Sales Consultant for Passion Parties. If you are interested let me know....:)
  • i get invited on ocassion, lol
  • Yep. It was interesting to say the least.
  • No but I want to!
  • '
  • No but I would love to go to one please e-mail me at
  • i have been to more than one sex*toy* parties. those are always fun ;)
  • My deceased husband and I went frequently for the 7 years we were married. We had great fun. However we were over 40 when we started and were able to honestly discuss our expectations and limitations without jealousy. It is a lot about knowing who you are and being able to say NO, when you mean NO and saying yes to people who also know their own limitations and are willing to articulate them.
  • I ended up at a bonfire one night with a group of bikers. It was after a local rally. I had done a few tequila shots and I ended up having sex with most of them during the time I was there. I have to say it was a big turn on for me. My first time to have more than one man at a time. I had just about every form of sex possible that night.
  • nop, i havent and i dont think i would..
  • I have been to a few and they are awesome---!!
  • Yes i host them quite often, me and 30 other chicks get down with it :)
  • Siiggghhhh a guy can only hope and dream ;)
  • We ust to go to swing partys and have a few at our house It was a lot of fun
  • i wish...
  • No I haven't.
  • I ust to go to swing clubs and have partys and orgies at my house it was a lot of fun
  • all of you have much better friends that i do
  • Blimey - loads
  • Never have. Stuff like that just doesn't happen to me. Sex parties, women who actually LIKE sex and want it all the time, women who are freaks in the bed, etc. It just never happens to me.
  • YUP. Very fun.
  • This party started way back in March 2008.
  • Many years ago. A photo from that time shows a sad-eyed chubby mother of two, about twenty-four, stuck in an abusive marriage. My husband wanted to make it with other women and show off his penis so he insisted we go to Friday night parties with people he'd met through work who lived not far from our house. I would not participate and sat in their back kitchen with our hostess' father, a nice older man. After a couple of weeks I began to like him and we started to get affectionate. The next week I climbed into his lap and took his penis out and put him inside me. I did not feel guilty even though this was the first time with someone besides my husband. But we were discovered and they made us do it in front of everybody because the rule was you couldn't go off by yourselves. I was willing because I wanted to show how much I liked him and how attractive older people are. He agreed to it as well. I tried to forget people were watching and concentrated on my good feelings as he caressed me with our clothes off. But he was nervous and kept going soft so they had me lay over multiple pillows while two of the women fondled him and helped put him inside me from behind. He was not nice and gentle as he had been in the kitchen but strong and brutal. I thought for a long time he was trying to show off for the men there but now I realize he was just trying to get as much contact as possible so he could stay hard. But he hit all the right places. I kept having orgasms one after another while the people watching us cheered, and then I began to hyperventilate and passed out. When I woke up, a few minutes later, it was all over but I could feel that he had come inside me. Incidentally I became pregnant. I know because it was the only time that month I had gone unprotected. I asked Rick about it and he said not to worry because "For Christ's sake the guy is seventy years old!" But a few weeks later I learned I was pregnant and had an abortion without telling Rick. After that many of the men there wanted to have sex with me. Between that and watching me get off in public my husband got jealous and we stopped going. I began a secret affair with the same older man and it was nice and sweet for a while but I soon realized it was taking too much out of him for his age and stopped. But I had learned that I could enjoy it with someone beside my husband, who I later divorced. That was many years ago. I am now sixty-two and soon to be a great grandmother.
  • I must be living under a rock cause that option has never been approached to me lol and I wouldn't do it if it was that's just not my style. Too many sticks is overwhelming.
  • In 1972 and 1973 participated in several.
  • Yes,When I was 17, just after high school, A summer weekend party, that turned into a sex party. Me and 4 of my girlfriends were invited to this party,and we got there about 6:30 and almost as soon as we arrived, the drinking started, by 7:00 or 7:30, all four of us girls were pretty drunk, and the guys, I think there were 8 of them, started switching it to a sex party, and started trying to get into our panties, and it wasn't long before we were paired up and getting it on. The guys came up with this game, where they put our names in a bowl and drew a name, and the girls name they drew, had to take the guys, one at a time, in front of everybody, to see how many guys each girl could take before she said enough, They would go through all the guys and then start over.
  • No, that sounds like an excellent way to disrespect myself and get an STD.
  • Yes I went to a few before I got married. I like all of them. But I have reform my old ways now. One the hottest I can remember.I was at the gas station getting gas when I ran into to an old friend I havent fuck in a long time. Well we talk and of course I wanted to fuck when he started to feel on feel and he pull my pnats down and started rubbing my pussy and sucking my nipples and then he started to eat me out. Well I finish pumping my gas and I went over to his car and pulled out his dick and started sucking it. After we decidee to go somewhere else and we fuck over two hour. After we took a break he told about this fuck party he was having and inviting me over. Well I went to the party where before it got started I fuck him and his brother down in the basement.. After we back up and join the party. It was getting close to time and he announce the rules which where everyone stayed must participate, everyone must give their clothes for at three hours, no one on ones or going private. So we all took off our clothes and I started sucking this dude dick well make a long story short I got my pussy ate, stroke and fuck. My pussy got worked out. Well everyone had to get busted on before the left and I was up first and the boys bust on me at the same times it was so hot and nasty. After ward I stayed and fuck my friend for a while then I went home showered and stay nude and masturbated. That so hot for me doing that. But that old me and I do not fuck parties anymore.
  • Yep I went to a few of them.
  • best experience ever had and lost all inhibitions that nite... makes you unashamed

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