• Id rather take a bullet then go to prision.
  • I have carried for two years now and never needed to use my weapon but I feel safe as I am 72 and can no longer defend myself with body strength alone. I carry a small .380 automatic. i don't even notice that I have it with me but i think if the time came and as Gas and other prices rise, I might need it. I believe us old people will be the first to be attacked on the streets. I know it is coming. People cannot afford to eat with prices so high. I pray that I am wrong, but I don' think so.
  • as long as you are properly trained to use, carry and store the weapon I have no problems with it.
  • It's time to hit the god-fly flying across your chamber monsieur!
  • I would not ,if I were you.It is more dangerous to carry a weapon than not to.
  • If you feel you need it, why not?
  • I would recommend a permit only if you are sure you can do what you have to if TSHTF. By carrying concealed, in most states, I do not know Tn's laws, you are committing a crime. If you wish to carry and you can get a permit, get one, but be sure you can use it so the BG will not take it from you and use it.

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