• My job is full of phone slamming too! Haven't broke one yet though :)
  • Well... this was a long time ago, but at my first job (age 16) I hated the management and the company so much, that I used to spend my break time in the warehouse with my buddies, utterly destroying merchandise for our own amusement, and smashing shopping carts into the brick wall of the building. I guess that's not really all that random, but it made us feel a lot better about our horrible jobs.
  • Woah! Easy, LeeLee. Take a deep breath. It ain't worth it. In my case, the state of Missouri frowns upon me getting violent.....again.
  • Hey LeeLee - I hope your day gets better and try not to kill any more phones sweety ~ you might need them to call a friend if you get really p*ssed off (((HUGS)))
  • I just try to take it easy. It is important to control your emotions and stay cool.
  • I rarely lose my temper, but when I do, I do it with a purpose, like punching the keys on my computer at work with more force than usual as I type in data, or opening the door of my office with such force that it almost tears it off its hinges, or snarling my way through a crowd on the main level of the building where I work and stepping on people's toes with my shiny dress shoes! But those occasions are rare----I usually keep my cool well, even under pressure. Perhaps I internalize my anger, which is not good. Ugh.
  • Not my style. I did have a boss that threw random objects at me once. A pen, a soda can, a bunch of papers, a whiteboard marker and eraser if I recall correctly. He was a whackjob (well, duh).
  • Hell yeah, I dont have one yet, but I'm workin on it, I'll let you know...
  • Oh do I have a story for you. I had a co worker who was a real jackass in the same job I worked at with my sweetie. He was a gross nasty disgusting pig. This was before we oficially started dating. One day he got in my face and kept talking about what nice big firm breasts my sweetie had and how he wanted to put his you know what between them and cum all over them. I warned him at least 3 times to shut up or else. He kept his taunting up and wnet too far the last time so I jumped over the cubicle grabbed him by the collar and told him the next time he said shit about her I would put his fat head through the cncrete wall behind him. Needless to say he shut up real quick.
  • I worked at a packaging factory a long time ago when I was told my help was no longer needed. I worked at this job for a half a year fixing everyone elses mistakes when they assembled air conditioners and believe me there was so many temps working at the time it almost drove the company into bankruptcy. Anyway after looking at some of the mistakes I found ouxt thatx they justx sxtuffed the parts in ther noxt connecting anything causin a complete failure. But after being told I was fired I helped the lazyworkers out by going through everyone of those models and cutting every wire that should have been connected but once I was done those models earned a spot right back at the starting line. They wanted to cost me money so I decided I'd return the favor.
  • Well, not at work so much.. In high school we had this teacher for maths who was really creepy- he'd just sit there & not say anything for the whole 2 hr lesson. We had to photocopy pages out of textbooks & fill them in to sort of teach ourselves, because this guy was a real psycho & just used to stare out the window, and his eye would twitch really bad sometimes. Anyways, one day, another teacher came in, and sat down next to this guy, and said something to him quietly, and then left again. After they went out the door, this psycho teacher walked over to his desk, picked up a big metal stapler and reefed it as hard as he could, at the back of the class, just missing some kid's head. Then he grabbed a mug with lots of pens & pencils in it, and threw that at us too. Then he shovelled all his stuff off his desk, flipped over another desk, and stormed out, going "AAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!" Turns out, he was just told his house had been broken into. But he flew completely off the handle! I think one kid even got a laceration under his eye from a flying pencil! Think he was sacked after that. It was some scary s*&()*&!!
  • At the movie theater, I used to throw broom handles through standees... Those big cardboard things that advertise movies.
  • I don't destroy things at work now. I have completely smashed a phone, a mouse, much of a keyboard, some broken computer backup tapes, broke a window by accident, pushed a door so hard that the knob went through a wall, threw a box of computer paper through a wall... Kind of surprising I've never been fired.
  • I internalize everything and I don't let it show....mostly.:-)
  • I punch bags of Tostitos when I get angry. It gets out those hidden agressions and it only costs me about $3.00 to pay for my tantrum.
  • Its ok LeeLee, take it all out on me...
  • I'm really calmed it takes a lot for me to get violent, but once i threw a lemon and hit my brother on the head haha. we work in a restaurant.
  • Hrm. Maybe I will talk about this with you later.... lol :D
  • Lucky I don't work for the ''Phone Abuse Police'' yo... (Threw a large PLC (electronics control panel) off the roof of the building we are working at.) :)
  • you asked this question on my birthday
  • Been at the same litte company for over 8 years, and Wednesday I snapped and called a co-workr a F*cking bitch, and walked off the job. Theres only 4 of us that work there including the owner. I didn't get a raise this year, and the stress from that combined with the higher cost of everything due to gas prices, made me snap. I'm on probation. I recently read an article about violence and outbursts increasing on the jobsite. Luckily I run the company with the owner, and was not fired, GOD BLESS AMERICA!
  • When I got pissed at my boss I gave him a black eye and broke his nose. I then told him i was resigning. Best moment ever
  • yes, you with your phone in pieces and me with my pencils stuck in the ceiling deserve some kind of counseling.
  • When i get mad at work, i just take out a random abandoned building with my .50 cal machine gun.

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