• I have never been to Fredericks, so I prefer Vicky's. They give good coupons too!
  • Victoria's Secret for me.
  • Victoria's Secret is classier but if you're in the mood for raunchy lingerie then Frederick's is the way to go. =) Personally, I prefer VS.
  • hehehe freddies
  • VS has much more variety, I prefer to shop there. Fredrick's does have good accessories though. Yummy fun!
  • hi Sara, babieeeeee, i prefer Victoria's Secret because the lingerie looks most provocative on women.....i've never heard of Frederick's of Hollywood at all..
  • Victoria's. Their fabrics are softer and [feel to me] of higher quality.
  • Oooh ohh...don't make me choose Sara... hmm.... Fredericks...they have fun stuff *^_^* what can I say?
  • erm victoria's secret. fredericks has some good stuff, but i've only ever shopped at victoria's availability...
  • Victoria's Secret things fit me better, but I like the selection at Fred's.
  • I can’t make up my mind. How about ya’ll model them and post pictures so I can pick. :)
  • judge told me not to go back to fredricks, vic's has dressing rooms for two!!!
  • Well my wifes boobs are to big to wear either of the two but as far as what I like on my woman if she could I would choose Fredericks. Victoria's stuff is sexy but I like more Kinky than sexy.
  • I prefer Frederick's, they have a large selection for larger breasted woman. I won't go back to the smart mouthed little girls at Victoria's Secret, besides they have squat for larger breasts.
  • Victorias more classy and sexy sexy bikinis love there bikinis and boyshorts (my wife looks soo hot in those) but for sexy naughty lingerie Fredericks. I bet you look good in either ;)
  • I like Victoria's but I can't get any undies unless they are thongs. I don't care for their cuts. but everything else is great
  • Marks & Spencer.
  • IN the 70s I loved Victoria's Secret. It was so awesome, classy, very elegant. But I think they have just gone all corporate and average now. Fredericks hasn't changed LOL!!! They don't pretend to be classy and they have great quality bras. That's what I look for, in larger sizes than VS normally has them.
  • Victoria S. is prefered now. Fredricks sent me a pair of holely stockings and wouldnt take them back because I was out of the return time frame. It was a pair of $12 stockings and they said piss off too bad. I spent about $1000 the last couple months at Fredrick's and they still told me to piss off. Vicky S all the way it is way better quality. Fredrick's clothing line SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So cheaply made
  • Most of the sales-girls at VS are fake bimbos who never greet you or say "hello"! They always appear to eye me carefully because I'm prettier than they are most of the time and have beautiful big boobs (enhanced). I model swimsuits and lingerie and have a full C/Small D in 32 -- Fredrick's of Hollywood is always cordial and assists me with size and everything. I'm tiny in the rib cage, so VS bras are way too big for me -- I am a 32 D and sometimes DD and Fredricks has an ample supply of 32D / 32 DD. Besides, Marilyn Monroe was a Fredrick's of Hollywood glam girl.

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