• You cant. The person who filed it can have it dropped. Or if they violate the restraining order, than it could be considered null and void.
  • Why did they put a restaining order on him? About the only reason I can think of is abuse. Why would you want an abuser? If this is the case, please get help.
  • It's on him for some reason. Are you sure its a smart thing to remove it? Anyway.. none of my business but to answer your question, you have to go to court to get it removed. Sometimes, if you live in a small city you can go in before court and talk one on one with a judge. A judge is the only person that can remove it because a judge had to sign it to make it a legal restraining order.
  • They dont put a restraining order on him for no reason, it has be domestic abuse, why do you want to be with someone like that?
  • If it is for abuse which is about all I can think of a legal reason for them to restrain him. Go to the court and ask for a hearing . Tell them you like to be beaten and abused. They will lift the order for you. They may decide to commit you though but I doubt it.
  • Who put the restraining order on him? Are you the one being protected by the order?
  • We got into a argument and I got mad and called police it was a argument not abuse he has never hurt me and never would he is a sweet guy we have couple fights just like anyone else, I just made a bad choice in calling police I just want to know how to get it lifted since nothing happened .
  • i just want to know how to get it lifted if you cant answer that then dont answer at all please my family needs this he is a great father and husband please serious inquiries only
  • Do both parties need to be present in the court room when the restraining order is being released?
  • first please ask yourself why he has a restraining order against him. Is it for your safety? If someone did get a restraining order against him for your safety perhaps you should take another look at your relationship. good luck!
  • I AM A DIFFERANT PERSON, IM NOT THE LADY WITH THE HUSBAND! I just want to know if both parties need to be present at the court house, in order for the restraining order to be released!!!
  • If you didn't put it on him, you can't take it off
  • If someone is planning on getting a temporary restraining order taken off of someone, and is going to do it, do both the plaintiff and the defend have to be there in order for it to be released? Or will the defendant receive a letter in the mail?
  • I feel your pain... I am going through something similar. Everyone just needs to shut up about what is good for you. Everyone knows that it takes two people to start and argument and it takes two people to cause problems in an argument. Us women call the police because men are stronger and more intimidating at times and no police officer will hear what you are telling them unless you say it was domestic abuse. I did the same thing and filed a domestic abuse report even though nothing happened and they did the same thing to my man. Don't listen to anyone on here just try and call around to the courts and see what you can do. Tell them that you were upset at the time when you filed the report or what ever you said to them and that you weren't thinking clearly. I am doing the same thing on my end. Good Luck!
  • I'm kind of trying to find out the same thing - I don't have a restraining order- I have a court order pertaining to a custody hearing. He has had a drug and alcohol problem. It’s been almost a year since I put in for sole custody and this judgment was made. The judge granted joint custody – with the stipulations being: My husband cannot drink or do drugs 24 hours before or during visits with the children. And his visits are to be supervised by his sister unless otherwise discussed with me. My question is this.. since he has been clean and sober, for a while now… he is back working everything seems to be going good, he can’t pick his children up or take them anywhere. How can I get this court order removed? Or absolved? I called the law guardian who was unavailable her assistant didn’t seem to know much but in the end said I would have to put in a whole new petition?? Anyone have info on this.. I am in NY. Thank you.
  • How do i get rid of a restraining order against my husband that i put but never gave papers to the police department.
  • im going through the same thing here and my botfriend never abused me but they made it seem like he did. so what his restraing order means that it is on till he shows to court and the crown decideds weater or not to charge him. what i did was call the crown and gave them reasons on why it should be lifted and now i have a meeting with the crown next week and hes the only one who can take it away.

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