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  • That will be 99.9% no men being raped by women. =D =P *I was wondering why do I have to get the negative points though I have shared my points of view..*
  • that is probably the least reported crime.
  • more often it's men being raped by other men, however there are sure to be women who have men as sex slaves. just because the men are not physically forced to have sex does not mean that they will enjoy it. I'm sure my answer is not very complete and definitely not researched, but it's how I see the world
  • When women are as pervertic.
  • There are cases of men being raped by women, but it is so very rare and in most cases dismissed because people tend to not believe such things happen. The male ego also plays into such things as a man raped by a woman will most likely keep it to himself or face massive humiliation.
  • There is no set percentage, because it is one of the least reported crimes. It's something you don't really talk about, and it's also someething that doesn't fit into the 'strong dominant male' stereotype. It is generally acknowledged that it happens way less than women being raped by men, for obvious reasons, but there isn't a widely accepted number or statistic.
  • Men will have the tendency to be raped by women, but I don't know the exact percentage. It presumably happens if the women have dreadful experience befallen to them, such as being sexually abuse by men. It has become a trauma that has intensely impaired their view on men. The courage built up and they are inclined to have their avenge on men.
  • it's not rare, it's UNDERREPORTED.
  • I personally have witnessed 12 guys getting either kidnapped by women who were going to rape them and women who were raping them in their cars. I know guys who were gangraped by women also. Statistically it's reported to be very small but given what I have witnessed women are catching up to men who rape.
  • I actually did a study on this in college about women and violent crimes. I am very much in favor of equal rights and it is good to see women gain more and more power in the workforce, etc. Unfortunately as women are given more opportunities, they also seem to be getting more violent. Most men, due to ego, don't report violence against them by women which is stupid. Violence is violence and knows no color or gender. Men sometimes can indeed be raped by women if they have a weapon or perhaps are larger in size. Men, in general, are stronger than women, but there are definitel exceptions, etc. How many men are raped by women is hard to say. The same thing is true about domestic violence. This may surprise some but actually when it comes to pushing, slapping, etc. women are just as likely to hit a male as the other way around. Usually is not as severe, but actually hitting your spouse is abuse and in some cases the man legitimately gets injured. Sadly the law is behind the times and usually protects the women instead of the man. I think that is part of the "equality" debate. If you are equal then one gender, race, etc shouldn't be allowed to always play the victim role when it suits them. Obviously women are more likely to be raped or assaulted then men and that is terrible, but it can also happen to a guy.
  • I don't know the exact percentage. But i was raped by a 25 years old woman when i was around 12. Still i am unable to conquer the psychological battle. But many men will not believe these type of things. 90% of men wants sex and feel joyness and hence they think that every men is like that. So i could not tell outside. what to do? this world is like this. rpm
  • Women usually pick young boys and sometimes these rapes are brutal. And there were cases where women drugged men and brutally raped them. So these men and boys did not enjoy it. Men seem to think any sex they will enjoy and that women don't enjoy sex. Everyone loves sex but not rape! So the percentage of women who rape boys/men I would say is 35% and men who do the same 45%.
  • Not a percentage here, but some statistical information anyway. "It is clear that sexual offending is much more common among males than females. Compared to male offenders, results from this review indicate that women commit sexual offences at a ratio of approximately 1 to 20 based on both official reports and victimization surveys. In our review, the comparison between official reports of female sexual offending and reports from victimization surveys showed remarkably similar proportions of female sexual offenders. Previous literature reviews have suggested that sexual offending by females is not necessarily rare, but it is under reported (Denov & Cortoni, in press). The current review suggests victims of male sexual offenders and victims of female sexual offenders report their experience to the police at similar rates. If there is a differential underreporting of female versus male sexual offenders, then this effect must operate at the level of individuals failing to identify the behaviour of female sexual offenders as a crime (the victimization survey level). We were able in one instance to obtain the number of arrests for sexual offences, and the results of the victimization survey for an identical year, thereby permitting some more detailed comparison. Specifically, in the United States in 2002, the police arrested almost 88,000 persons for sexual offences (82,000 males; 6,000 females see Table 1). In contrast, in the same year, the results from the U.S. victimization survey show estimated that approximately 250,000 sexual offences were committed that year (U.S. Department of Justice, 2003b) of which 4.2 % of the offenders would be expected to be females (approximately 10,500 females and 239,500 males). These results indicate that less than half of all sexual offences in that year in the U.S. resulted in police arrest. More importantly, differential rates of police arrests according to the gender of the offender in relation to victimization survey results were noted. Specifically, 34% of the sexual offences committed by men resulted in police arrest (82,000/239,500), compared to 57% of the sexual offences committed by female offenders resulted in police arrest (6,000/10,500). The meaning of this finding is unclear and may not be statistically reliable considering that only 4 females were used to create the estimate of the rate of female sexual victimization. Nevertheless, these findings do suggests that further research is needed to understand the personal and criminal justice response to victimization by female offenders versus male sexual offenders." Source and further information: --------- (ADDED) ------------ "Men get raped too. Most often, they are raped by other men. However, there have been numerous recorded incidents where a man has been raped by a woman. Because of the socialization of what it means to be “a man,” men raped by men are reluctant to disclose having been raped for fear of being labeled homosexual. Men raped by women fear being treated as less than a real man for allowing themselves to be overpowered by a woman. One survey found that 7 percent of men have experienced at least one episode of forced sexual contact. Among college students, the incidence of sexual assaults of men by acquaintances is much higher." Source and further information:
  • seriously i got black mailed by some sex addict female when i was 16 she black mailing me for having sex,cheating my girlfriend,and the worst thing is she well tell it about my parents cause my parents and her parents are very closest friends and this female was like my moms 2nd daughter! she treat her like 2nd daughter and i don't wanna be her brother anyway i hate her so she black mailed me we do alot of sex happen on hter house while her parents are not there only her grandmom but her grandmom sleeps wholes day..she even tied me on her bed force me to take this horny pills and some aphrodisiac medicine the situation is even worst cause shes gets ugly every month for not taking care of her self and hygen's but until they finally moved out i was released from that curse i dont wanna see her gaina

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