• Ok...have you ever had/worn a pair of rose colored glasses? It makes the whole world look a lot happier and cheery and bright! So she's basically saying that you see everything is good/happy when it's really not as great as you think/say it is.
  • It means that you are seeing things in an unrealistic and overly happy light, as if you were wearing glasses with pink lenses. Yes, it is a kind of insult. It means that you are not paying attention to the whole picture, choosing to see only happy things and ignoring the down side.
  • what your sister is trying to say is stop looking at life as though its a fairy story and look at it as it is ...real life , get your head out of the clouds and back into reality and stop day dreaming , and is it an insult ... yes and no depends how you want to take it ...yes if it means that you don't have a grasp on day to day things and livivng ... no because a little day dreaming and looking at life in a fairy tale way is ok sometimes
  • Lisa, you confused me by giving up your purple bag. Well, it's sort of an insult.. not big time. Basically she was saying you are a bit of a Pollyanna and that you are more of an optimist and you look for the happy side of life. Is that you and Jen? Wow the picture is tiny.
  • I agree with her - she just means that you try to see the best in everybody and every situation. I certainly don't think it's an insult - quite the opposite, but I do think that there may be occasions where people may not be quite as nice as you assume.
  • It means you only see the good pleasant parts of things, or you thing things are more pleasant than they really are. It's good in one way, in that you always see the good in people..that you are optimistic. But bad in that you might be unrealistic and not seeing the whole picture when you fail to see or ignore the bad side of things.
  • It is not an insult. Some times we say that to people that are in love. Rose is a color that we associate with love or with being in love, and means that everything is good and everything we need is going to fall into our hands without us trying to get what we need. So if we do not work to get what we need or we are have channel vision were we only see what is good for us, but not the other things around us that are important but we are not giving any attention to then we are sort of seeing things through rose colored glasses and not seeing the gray areas that might need a lot of attention.
  • People say this to me all the time!I just take it to mean that I see the brighter side of life and refuse to allow negative things dictate my mood. You can be a happy person and still be in "reality".Not all of us have to wallow in all the bs that comes our way!I myself like looking at life on the positive side rather than the negative!:D
  • It means that you look at things with an attitude that things are better than they really are -- When someone 'looks at something through rose-tinted glasses', they see only the pleasant parts of it -- Somehow your sister thinks that you are naïve, or something similar. Not a nice thing to say, but not that horrible, anyway.
  • It means you're overly optimistic. Not an insult per se; you're just spoiling her sulk is all...
  • through rose-colored glasses: with an attitude that things are better than they really are. "Looked at through rose-colored glasses, the story of women's role in the state's politics could be considered a success." Usage notes: usually used with see something or look at something: "The magazine had a habit of looking at social issues through rose-colored glasses." Also, look through rose-colored glasses. Take an optimistic view of something, as in Kate enjoys just about every activity; she sees the world through rose-colored glasses, or If only Marvin wouldn't be so critical, if he could look through rose-colored glasses once in a while, he'd be much happier. The adjectives rosy and rose-colored have been used in the sense of "hopeful" or "optimistic" since the 1700s; the current idiom dates from the 1850s.

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