• Own our house. Through our marriage of 35 years we have spent about 5 months in an apartment, 4 months housesitting and the rest of the time in our own place. Wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Trying to own . . . paying on it, lol.
  • I rent a one bedroom apartment that I share with my brother - we sort of treat it more as a two bedroom but with no living room (well, mine's the living room too). I do want to own - not a house, but probably a co-op, or better yet, a condo. However, I've never ended up doing it, probably because, no matter how hard I fight it, I find it hard to do things that are harder in the short term and better in the long term.
  • i own my own cardboard box, does that count? ;)
  • I lived with my parents until I had enough money to easily make the down payment on my own house. I moved out when I was 27. I have never rented. I paid off the loan about 10 years ago.
  • We finally found a new house, so very soon I will be a homeowner again. At the moment we are living at my mothers.
  • Yes i have my own home and i also have rentals
  • Own a single family home on 5 glorious acres. We custom built and we love it. I did not love all the headaches that came with palying the role of general contractor though :)
  • I rent a two bedroom apartment with my cat.
  • My husband and I own our home. (Well the mortgage company owns part of it, 'til I we get them paid off) My husband and I have lived here since we were married 23+ years ago and we raised our 3 children here.

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