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  • Let's examine this from another standpoint.... People do things for a reason. Rarely have I ever seen someone do something for absolutely no reason whatsoever. So that being said, you must have a reason for your arguments. It's obviously not working, so instead why don't you tell us what you are REALLY arguing about and what you want as a real solution to the problem. That being said, it's unusual for a man to not want sex at all. If the arguments are so bad that he's actually turned off from sex then there is a real problem. Remember that when you argue you should NEVER attack the person, but instead the situation. It's not "you are so lazy, why don't you clean the house"... it should instead be "The house isn't clean, how can we get the house clean?" or "I can't stand that the house isn't clean, can you help me clean the house, or should we hire someone?" Being "hurt" means that you aren't getting past this. You either need to fix the situation and get past it or realize that it's time to break up and start anew with someone who better suits you. Either way he will either ___ or get off the pot.
  • Coming from a guy(me).I would have to say, that is one of the worst ways to express relationship issues.I have been married for almost 8 years and not showing intamentcy is the worst thing i have done and it came back on me real quick.Because when i wanted her she didnt want me.So it's only hurting him.You stay happy andact like it doesnt bother you and he'll begin to show it,I promise!

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