• It was a stunning 1/8th of a carat and I nearly wrecked my car admiring it on my finger while driving. No, it didn't matter. I thought I was Elizabeth Taylor sporting the Hope diamond.
  • I bought my wife a 1 ct diamond. She only got it because I was what I could buy in cash. I told her that if I had to borrow it wasn't happening.
  • I have a fifth carot pear shaped diamond. I chose the size. I have small hands and would not want a bigger stone.
  • No diamonds, no stones, we kept it simple. Gold bands. We picked them out together. It's what I could afford at the time. And she is happy with them as am I. I would not marry a woman who's concern was the size of the diamond on her finger.
  • i got a diamond cluster ring...but some stones has fallen out so am getting a new one 1 in a few weeks and will request a single stone probably, dunno i will browse
  • For years I had a simple gold band. My husband is terrible at buying gifts, so a few years ago he told me to just get what I wanted for myself for Christmas. When I opened my gift from "him" it was a beautiful 1/2 carat ring w/bagetts. I got it on sale and it wasn't that expensive...but the next year he did not tell me to get my own gift..I got pajamas.
  • No, it doesn't matter which is good because I never got one. Plain gold bands for us. At least they were the 'comfort fit'. =]
  • Pretty decent, and yes. I wanted the ring I have, and he bought it for me. This made me very, very happy.
  • i would like a 2 carat and my boyfriend would get me what he could afford. If he could afford it, he will, if not then i will be more than happy to have a smaller doesn't matter at this point.
  • I don't like diamonds... I have a white gold Claddagh ring with a natural emerald heart. The emerald has a crack on the inside and a black spot at the very bottom.. I think it is GORGEOUS. I think it's a third of a carat or something... I really don't know. *edit* I recently had it professionally cleaned. The jeweler told me this is one of the clearest, most beautiful natural emeralds he has ever seen. The ring cost about $200, and my hubby got it off an Irish jeweler's website. I think it was
  • mine was from walmart, its Cubic zirconia but its a small "diamond" and just one of it. The ring doesnt describe me at all.
  • I would get my GF a pretty big rock if I had the money for it. I don't believe in basing the value of your relationship off of it though.
  • Mine was 1/4 carat diamond. I loved it! (When we celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary, my DH surprised me with a 1 carat ring.) I love it too but I still treasure the first, smaller one because it was more than he could afford comfortably at that time. He was so excited to see my reaction that that expectant, hopeful look on his face is what I love the most. GUYS - You have ONE chance to give the woman you want to love for a lifetime a memory that makes her feel special and cherished. It's not about the size of the stone but the thought behind it.
  • We bought it together. Because we just cannot do things seperated ^^. Sometimes we are just like two kids, doing things together, having fun, just having a good time. Don't care what other might think.
  • It's about 1 carat and no, it doesn't matter.

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