• First, you would have 10,000 hundred dollar bills. Each one weighs about a gram. There are 454 grams in a pound, so 10,000/454 ~=~ Roughly 22 lbs. Exactly? 22.026431718061674008810572687225
  • Ten one-dollar bills weighed together equal 9.83 grams, so one dollar bill is .983 grams. Hundred-dollar bills weigh exactly the same as one-dollar bills. One million dollars in hundred-dollar bills would be ten thousand hundreds, or 9830 grams, which is 9.83 kilograms. That's just under 21 pounds and eleven ounces. Rounding off, you could say that a million dollars in hundred-dollar bills weighs about 22 pounds.
  • 20.4 LBs to be correct. Does not include the weight of "straps" around the individual $50,000 "bricks"
  • I would say about 25lbs.
  • I wish I was able to give you a exact weight. I'll have to print off a few more before I can tell you.
  • Pass them over here - I'll tell you when I have a million and how much they, two, three.....
  • Depends on whose pocket they reside.
  • One dollar weights one gram. So a million of them weigh a million grams.

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