• Since I'm in high school, it's mostly just because I'm around them most of every day anyway. You kind of have to befriend somebody, and you go from there.
  • It's really a combination. It's fun to do things together because of our similarities, but the differences give us so much more to talk about, and much more interesting conversations.
  • I think it has ALOT to do with both....... We are so different in soo many ways, and thats interesting...but we are alike in the most important ways
  • usually i have friends that are more dominating than i am. Usually they are contorlling where I do what they say.
  • Two of my closest four friends have a lot in common with me. Two have a little in common but basically we're from very different backgrounds. But I must say, it's easiest when you have similar backgrounds.
  • There was a group of seven very good friends who had grown up together. Now we are pretty old. Our backgrounds are very similar although we went to different colleges and had different careers. Three have died--there are four left. Our closeness was (is) based on our complete understanding of each other because of our childhod and teen ages together. Politically very different--it doesn't matter--just makes for great combative conversation. Humor is very important--there are lots of laughs, complete understanding of each other's jokes. When we get together there are no masks--no one plays any roles--there is no pretense--we are who we are and we know it.
  • Mainly we have something in common that attracted us in the first place....mainly similar personalities .
  • similarities we been like two peas in a pod for 37 years (and my mom still doesn't like him)
  • what we have in common and what our interests are
  • My friends and I read the Bible together which keeps us close even though we are very different people. You should Read your Bible too!
  • Would have to be similarities.......likes or dislikes and how fast we can down a pitcher of Killians.
  • I'm very slow to pick actual friends. On the net I'm not as picky coz it's the net and the differences are bound to be many, but, My closest friends on the net are the ones I share simularities with. In particular, humor, basic thought process (how we view the world around us) and the ability to conversate. The Warden is one of my all time closest friends and I'd like to think that if we lived anywhere near each other that the friendship would translate to real life. She's very thoughtful and articulate and funny. Things that I try to be as well.
  • Being able to be open and frank ans someone who will give me a true opnion about anything. Helps keep me check.
  • That is a very very interesting question to ask. I think its a bit of both. I've known my best friend since I was 12, and we turn 32 this year so thats nearly 20 yrs that we've known eachother. I think its the fact that we 'get" eachother even though we're very different. I can be my complete self with her, she's the only one I can behave childish with, cry about stupid things, make her go on adventures with me even though she doesn't want to. She's the only one I can argue with and then less then an hour later say that Im sorry, and "she says yeah you better be Biatch"! Its that she makes me happy that draws me to her!
  • Well, my friends are pretty diverse. One is a wonderful lady with a great sense of humor, a warm heart, a sweet disposition, and a propensity for flirting. She's driven to be a better person, generous with her friends and family, tough when the situation calls for it, and tender when she needs to be. She's beautiful in body and spirit and, I am blessed to call her friend. I don't know how I ever got along without you, and I don't want to find out what it's like again. You are someone very special, S, I love you. Thank you for being my friend.
  • Their integrity and dedication is what has attracted me to my friends.
  • We share a lot of common interests now, but come from completely different backgrounds. It is interested how two people that were such opposites growing up are so similar now.
  • I love diversity in people. It makes life more interesting as you can "see" life through thier eyes. Differences in opinions and ways of living are things I very much like to see. People are cool.

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