• I would honor any request regarding her photos.
  • I wouldn't have them in the first place, but would respect her wishes. If she let me take them in the first place, it was done with trust in mind.
  • I would have deleted them immediately upon the breakup. The were given to me under the condition that we were a couple and if that was no longer the case then they would no longer be mine to have. If I wanted pics of women there are plenty on the internet.
  • I've been in this situation before. My ex asked me to get rid of some "private" photos of her/us. I respected her wishes and destroyed them immediately.
  • ask yourself what you would want her to do if she had photos like that of you......that kind of thing is shared between 2 people and if you're not together then i think the right thing to do would be to discard them :)
  • Delete them - you will be glad you did
  • are you kidding? I'd delete them because its the right thing to do.
  • If my ex boyfriend showed naked pictures of me to others I dont think I would be happy unless there was money involved. I have spent a lot of money making my body what it is and if people are going to look at it naked then they deserve to pay for it.
  • tough call.....I'd like to agree with everyone on here....but I think I would probably keep them if she was really hot but I definately wouldn't show them to anyone....
  • A gentleman would delete them.
  • Why in the hell would you share them with people, that is ignorant. If you feel the need to keep them, they are for you and no one else.
  • I would personally delete them. I have loved every one of my girlfriends and would respect there wishes. Also, I think it would be hard to look at them if she dumpped me because my heart would be broken. And if I dumpped her then I would no longer be interested. Although, I might regret it later because as time went by I might want to look at them to remaniss. It would have been the right thing to do though.
  • Waaa! My ex had photos and videos of me and us. He had them so hectically password protected I did not even know what the password was. When I broke up with him, I asked him to delete them and he was very reluctant, kept saying he did not want to and those were our memories. What bullshit. Eventually he agreed but I did not see him deleting them personally. Still don't know if he deleted them, did not want to hang around him anymore. Who knows, maybe one day the videos will surface and I'll become famous the P.Hil way...
  • here is an interesting observation......back in my day(six hundred years ago) you never took naked pictures of each other, there was no internet(geez), but you still werent dumb enough to assume he would only keep them for himself........if your question is your situation right now-delete them, be a man, not a weasel
  • You respect her wishes, respect her, and delete them.
  • Have some respect, delete them.
  • You will do the RIGHT thing and delete them. You'll never regret doing that. Otherwise you're going to carry some negative feelings around for your body to deal with. Actually, I have no idea why women allow men to take nude pictures of them. You neve know where they're going to be in 20 years.
  • If My EX-Girlfriend asked me to delete them, she should have deleted them before we broke up, now that we are broke up, I am not sifting through 10 gigs of porn to find those few pics and movies to delete!!! maybe if I run across it, I will view it one last time and promise to delete it.
  • I would think you would want to respect her wishes and delete them..
  • I still have them. She asked me to delete the pictures and I asked her to give me back the Ipod nano I bought her. I don't show them to people because that's messed up, but they were a gift, she decided she didn't want to trade gifts back, so I kept mine also :). Though, I would totally delete them in front of her if she would give me the ipod back!
  • I gave him the photos of himself when I threw him out. Pics of me I and us, I tore up & threw away. I had possession of all the photos & videos.
  • Nekked pics of your lover (past or present) are to be treated with the utmost respect. They are never to be shared, shown or posted. I don't care if you married her, and she caused YOUR Corvette to be wrecked because she was pleasuring the plumber while he was driving your car. I don' care if your girlfriend was caught on national TV sneaking out of the lockerroom of the Sidney Rugby club wearing only a towel. They are two completely different things. You bastards that don't have the respect keep a respected photo a secret and/or destroy it just ruin it for the rest of us. We don't get to take pictures because YOU don't have the constitution or discipline to be trusted -- and somehow WE get put in the same classification.

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