• definitely 60s rock
  • as long as the clothes aren't, I don't mind. the music was pretty darn neat-o
  • god, lets bloody hope not.
  • Like a freight train--it all comes back if you wait long enuf can't wait for the 2020 version of Poison (OMG!!)
  • If you do enough drugs...they'll come back. Too bad LSD sucks nowadays.
  • The 2060s will be here eventually. One must realize of course that modern music really began in the 1950s and so... The explosion of creativity in the 1960s will always be special because of that. I really think that everything that is happening today in music can be traced back directly to the 60s in some way or another. So I do not think of it as "coming back" I do not think it ever went away. It is the seed for what is happening now... Both good & bad. Anyway... Good music will rise above the BS with time and that is what has happened - it's the good/interesting artists of the 60s that are still talked about and listened to today, the fluff of the time has long been forgotten.
  • You wish!
  • yes I think hippies are going to start protesting the war on terrorism soon. Now if we can resurrect the Beatles....
  • Gosh..I hope not. I'm lucky to have made it in one piece going through the 60's.LOL
  • NO, I was in the 60s and no way is the feeling the same. People weren't as selfish and sarcastic. Their hearts and minds were different. Even the fashion and styles were happier. Now they say they are similar but they aren't, they are too edgy.
  • i wish it was. that was my grandparent's generation and my moms parents didn't get into anything, but my dads parents seemed to from what i've heard in stories. ha, but i agree that people today and their attitudes are completely different, i feel like i act alot differently than people these days, and i hope that someday very soon people can also figure out that happier way of living. people have tried to get it in my head that people then were only acting that way because of "drugs" and everything else that "messed with their minds". but people are still doing all of that today and peoples attitudes have completely changed. i think people then truly cared about and valued life, and they found it interesting, but people today complain and worry instead of sitting back and enjoying. but that carefree lifestyle seemed like such an easy way to live, and if only we could all learn to not plan and just see what happens, and if we can just see where the road takes us and end up learning more important things than any highschool class could teach you. people then had so much creativity too, they wrote poems and didn't get made fun for it, yet in a way, we too have a form of poems today, which i guess people would consider rap songs. but that has to do with getting laid and how sweet your car is, when truly no one cares? well anyways, it would be nice to actually experience what happened then with other people.
  • I wish. I am a "modern hippie" according to all of my friends.
  • Not the 60's but a ripeness for revolutionary change. Old corrupt systems are failing the masses all over the world. A new wave of new creative expression is emerging as we speak.
  • i dont think so
  • Not until the 50's are over. We're still in the teens so we have a few years to go.

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