• I would probably slow down about 15 MPH, depending on how fast i am going. Then, i go home.
  • I don't drive just yet, but if I did, I would only slow down enough to show some respect (say... by 5-10 mph). I honestly don't see any other point to those signs, I mean, the person's already dead, it's not like you should be worried about running them over or anything.
  • I never seen such a sign but if I did I would slow down and show my respect for the dead and their family. I don't know how much i would slow down but 10 MPH sounds like a good speed.
  • u know wat its funny but i have never seen or paid attention to this sign ever,,,but if i see there is funeral going on than i do slow down to the lowest limit =)
  • Huh? What country are these signs in and what is their context? Placement? Duration? Very odd. Why would I slow down cause somebody I don't know died and they had a somehow that's any different from somebody I don't know that died and had no family. I don't get it. I'd prolly go out of my way to do a slow burnout just because the whole concept just doesn't make sense.
  • Hmm...I've never seen such signs before, perhaps it's a regional thing? If I ever did see such signs I would most certianly slow down.
  • Never seen such a what country would one see them and are they in front of someone's house? Sounds like it's a matter of respect--so I would "slow down" from what speed I was originally going
  • I would speed up and get as far away as I can -gotta wonder what does the kid say at school for show-and-tell "this is my dad, DEATH and if you don't give me your lunch he will harvest your soul" you know that kid is going to have some issues to work out later in life "your dads a doctor, WELL my dad reaped 500 thousand souls at the black plauge so top that"
  • i would turn around and find another route...who wants a slow death?
  • I've never seen such a sign

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