• yes it is a colour, i have the paint to prove it.
  • I've always considered black and white to be non-colors, because one is the absortion of all light and the other is the reflection of all light. Everything in between is dependant upon how much light is absorbed and reflected or something of that nature. But oh well, I'm not a color expert.
  • yes black is a colour .. go into a room with no windows and turn off all the lights... close all the doors, and then close your eyes what color do you see... black... you can't say that you see any other color.
  • No Black is NOT a color. White IS a color, black is not.
  • your a complete idiot to think BLACk is colour! its a SHADE. If black was a colour do you not think it would be added into say the rainbow or do you have to ask about which ones are colours in that aswell...... sorry dude its common sense depending on your on your age depends on how regretful this reply is but seriously its common knowledge black and white aint colours there shades always have always will be no1 can say different if they can and they can rove it then they deserve a nobel prize cos our curriculum says otherwise and if the worls thinks they can get along and people cant even decide on whats a colour and a shade then this place is falling to bits!!!! mehhhhhhhhh oh well hahahhah nah honeslty not a stb at you dude but yer depending on ur age should be common knowledge by now!!!!!!!!!
  • No. Black is the absence of any light(-reflections). What we perceive as colour is light.
  • Technically any color is the reflection of a certain spectrum of light. Black is the lack of reflection of visible light.
  • No black is not a color. It is actually the absence of color.
  • Black and white are NOT colors. They are, like they said, the absence and presence of light. We cannot recreate this absence realistically with computers and paint so it shows up as a selectable color. That's why most people think it is a color. Can you combine different colors to make black or white? No, of course not. And they are not part of the color spectrum so that's proof enough.
  • No because black is nothing. If you close your eyes, that is nothing. Imagine no reality, that is darkness, that is nothing.
  • No color exists as color. Thus if we see red, it's because our cones sensitive to the wavelength around 700-760 nm's send information that we translate into red. Thus if we see red there, then our cones are responding to reflected nm's. Now, my guess is you are betting that something red is absorbing everything but the wavelengths we perceive as red, and you will be right here. A red paper absorbs all other wavelengths and reflects the "red" ones (If I may condense that rather than to say "reflects the wavelengths in the nm range that our retinal cones respond to." The most easily made mistake is to relate the concept of dark being the absence of light. This is correct, yet understand that in complete dark (the absence of light) our eyes could not perceive white or black simply because no light is present to be reflected off a "white" or "black" object and be received by our eyes. In respect to this it would be possible to create 100% black only with a surface containing all colors; this being the only way to prevent any color from being reflected back to the beholder.
  • Black, scientifically speaking, is the complete absence of light, which means it's also the complete lack of color. Traditionally, the idea is that black is a "shade" rather than a color. I would argue, however, that what we call black is actually a range of shades. Pure, darkest black is indeed a total lack of light, but even a slight lightening allows some light to reflect rather than being fully absorbed. This is, of course, a moot point; the human eye can't easily distinguish tiny variants in color. Interesting to think about, though. If one actually "saw" the darkest possible shade of black, what would it look like? Just a hole or a void? Hm.
  • Black is not a colour and white is every colour. Black is a dark colour, and yout cant see, some people will say it is a colour, but it sure isnt. Hope that helps.
  • Black is not a color, because it absorbs all colors. Blue would absorb all colors but blue which it reflects making it appear blue. White reflects all colors and therefore is every color combined.

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