• Not from the inside but possibly from the outside (meaning you can't get in from the outside). It's a shame we are even thinking this.
  • What happens in a fire and all the kids that were locked in and couldn't get out? Imagine all the parents that would sue? That's why there not locked.
  • No I'd feel boxed in and i wouldn't be able to go to class any more so NO
  • it would a lesson in how to develop mass hysteria and paranoia if they were. There should be security in place anyway but it would not be advisable to teach children that the world is only safe if viewed from behind a locked door.
  • There are more reasons why that's a bad idea than a good idea.
  • Only when no one is in the classroom.
  • I'm gonna have to say no on that one. Just doesn't seem real safe in many ways!
  • Classrooms doors are always locked when there isn't the presence of a teacher nor any other person. They can' be locked during class because often someone has to go to the restroom, needs to leave, or another teacher might have to walk in, to talk to the teacher.
  • We keep classroom doors locked when they are empty, but they cannot be locked when anyone is in there, for obvious reasons. We have keyless locks on the insides of the doors though, just in case. It is also important that the doors are not locked when the fire alarm goes off, so the fire brigade can gain instant access if they need to.
  • I don't think they should be locked at all times. That should be (mostly) at the discretion of the teacher. I think the teacher (regular and substitutes) should have a key to the door and be prepared if/when necessary to lock it. In my division/district, all schools need to have a lockdown procedure/plan, often including a coded message that notifies the school population of a threat. When that message is said over the intercom, the lockdown procedure is then set into motion. It is practiced just like fire drills are. It isn't perfect, but it's something and is constantly discussed for potential improvements to practicality, effectiveness and efficiency.
  • You're welcome. That puts another prespective on it. But since students are usually the ones doing the shooting, what happens when the doors are locked? The whole classroom gets shot up. I still have to say no! Good question though.
  • It might be dangerous to have them locked. If there's a fire in the hallway and some one wants to rush in and warn, they would be impede.
  • I think if anything that would be more dangerous, not to mention a pain in the butt. Kids come and go during class to go to the restroom, get water, etc, and if class had to be disrupted everytime someone had to come back in, nothing would ever get done. Also someone mentioned if there was a fire in the hall, it would be more difficult for someone to get in to warn them, similarly if there was a shooting going on or a bomb threat, again, it would be more difficult for someone to get in and spread the news. I think it makes sense to lock the doors when no one is in the rooms, like during lunch or a fire drill, but otherwise I think getting in and out easily needs to be a priority. If someone really wants to get in, a locked door won't keep them out forever.
  • I'm a high school teacher, and the classroom doors in my school automatically lock when they are closed. They can be opened from the inside, but can only be opened from the outside by a teacher with a key. It makes me sad to feel that we need this kind of procedure, but it does make me feel safer to know that no one can enter my room without my permission.
  • Only if you can be certain that someone didn't sneak a weapon into that locked classroom. :(
  • definately not its a fire hazard you would be safer with the door unlocked
  • Yes it would, keep the little beggars locked up. lol
  • Right, then if someone in the room had a gun they couldn't get out!
  • Only if it's a prison school.
  • No, that's just being paranoid.

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