• Because he is hillarious, and brutally honest. I think he is very good at what he does.
  • Its a business, corporate pop. He's a business man who knows what sells, and yes, spice girls sold lots o lots o records. Its not always about the talent...with pop music its about the marketable. And Rock doesn't fall far from that tree either.
  • LOL thanks for the heads up, TRS. I didn't know about that Spice Girls thingy about him. Don't worry, he's just one of the three judges there. If the other two didn't like a contestant then probably they're not really deserving.
  • Oh please don't dis the Si! he is a dude, i think it was Simon Fuller that was behind the spice twats, but he knows talent, and if paula and whats his face jackson had their way, everyone would be through to american idol, you have to be cruel to be kind in this business!
  • It's Pop Idol!! It's not World's-Best-Singer. He's looking to sell albums, not find real talent.
  • look at him he loves himself he is qualified at that
  • even better question is why in the heck do people watch such a pathetic show? At least Cowell is getting paid for his time..those who watch religiously and enthusiastically..they are the ones about whom I worry..any show that takes Paula Abdul seriously has got to be a joke! C'mon people, wake up..the whole thing is a scam, a setup..don't you know that? :)
  • Ummmmmm.....that was Simon FULLER not Simon COWELL......although they often work together on projects
  • simon FULLER was responisble for spice chics and later went to make american idol. simson cowel is just a judge there.
  • He is not in any way qualified, but he does own the show & part of the contract every person signs gives HIS record lable first rights to anything they do - - all about the $$$$$$$
  • So, what's your point. Weren't the Spice Girls popular and successful for a time? were being!
  • people dis simon for being mean but consider this. someone with zero talent who will never get anywhere in the music business spends ten years of their life trying, what a waste. what could they have accomplished if they had moved on to someting else? cured cancer? discovered a new ________? invented something. some people are just so bad and won't admit it that they waste their future trying. where would we be right now if Tim Paterson (the inventor of MS-DOS) had followed a singing career instead? why is he qualified? because he has the rare ability to Absolutely crush a tone deaf wanna be singer's hopes so they can get on with their lives and find something they are actually good at.
  • Actually Simon Cowell has nothing to do with the spice girls. Actually he is the main judge. a. Because he finanaces it and also because he actually is one of the most successful talent finders in the world of music. Cowell set up another label, Syco Records, in 2002 which later became part of Columbia Records and Sony BMG Music Entertainment. Westlife for eg.

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