• Feeling this way or that way dont matter much, feelling may be different from what actually can happen. as far you feel somthing like that, doesnt prove anything. you like to talk to him and he likes too. so you talk to eachother and do a ton of stuff. But yes, as you have felt like that, you should have boundary in your mind, not getting the relationship affected badly because of what you feel and hence he might feel the same.. confusing ? shortly speaking, you have to define your relationship with him and he should be clearly aware of that, whether will be marrying each other, or friends, or do ton of stuffs, or talks etc.. whatever you prefer to do with him. If you feel you are dragging him away, ask him that is it afecting him and his family ? but I personally think, then there is no need to feel that way, just have clear understanding with each other what you both want to do and how you want to carry relationship further.
  • If he's in love with you, its normal. i use to talk to one of my girlfriends for hours into the morning. You should be commended for having this concern for his family. not many girls think this way today. Apparently you two are happy together and thats great. if it gets too far out there, his parents will let both of you know it.
  • No. Actually I think you are supposed to take him away from his family. Technically while you are together that would make you his immediate family in my opinion. If you feel bad about it then you all could do more things together with his family so you would both be there.
  • Not if you let him do stuff on his own, as well. And to a good degree, as his girlfriend, it's your role to take him away from his family.
  • Yes, if you are. Self-centered couples tend to forget things like: Homework Required chores Doing your laundry Family time with outings Family time with meals Walking the dog Family time with siblings Personal friends They very often forget a world exists outside of their personal sphere and that other people and pets miss them.

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