• Washing the hair less often has helped me.
  • Have you been under a lot of stress or on a crash diet? If so, make sure you're getting enough vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin C, B5, iron, and zinc. Getting enough protein is essential for healthy hair too. Take a good multi-supplement and you should see a big improvement within three months. If you suspect your hair loss is related to male pattern baldness, there's not much to do besides try Rogaine. If your hair loss is accompanied by other hormone-related symptoms, (acne, unexplained weight loss or gain, appetite changes), get your family doctor to refer you to an endocrinologist for blood tests, since it could be any number of things. Good luck!
  • Old wives remedy: Wash your hair once or twice a week with an egg yolk. Just the egg yolk. do not wash it every day with the egg, rub it into the hair and after 2 minutes rinse it out. Do not use shampoo with it. You can shampoo regularly on other days. It has some minerals or properties in it that helps the hair loss. My father swore by this, as he was balding and never did get much more bald patch than when he started doing this.
  • Taking a good supplement can help but I've also heard that an excess of vitamin A can cause hair loss.
  • try taking trader joes womens supplement vitamins for stronger hair, nails and skin... it has lots of good stuff like vitamin e, iron, zinc, magnesium and so on... its great. and i only wash my hair once a week... you shouldn't wash your hair on a daily basis..
  • You need to check out the underlying causes
  • If you are experiencing hair loss, there are four basic tactics you can take. First, you can just accept it and let it go. Second, if you still have most of it, and it's STARTING to fall out, you can try using a product like Rogaine, which may help. Third, there are pills you can take which stop testosterone from turning into the chemical which makes the hair fall out. (Women should not use this approach.) Fourth, you can try having hair transplants from other parts of your head.
  • If you know, pls let me know too. Gobs of it come out after washing or sweating as if anything heavy on my hair makes it come out easier. I tried getting an appt with an endocrinologist but they said I should see my PCP and my PCP is uselss. My thyroid test result is normal. Ive been taking vitamins for hair for over a month now and that's not helping.
  • Try this Plus, I know that diet containing lots of sea weed and omega3 is good for hair groth.
  • Schmonsense! Your hair will fall out. It happens to us all. You cant stop it. Accept it, and be happy.

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