• Why do you assume everyone on here is from USA?
  • I like the south better as it is less cold. :)
  • North, I love it up north, especially NWT and the Yukon:-)
  • Up north, it is where my family is from. Then again for that reason, it might also be good to live down south. ha ha
  • This is a generalisation but I find northern people friendlier than southerners. Even in a small country like England there is a climatic difference between north and south, with the south having an earlier spring and later autumn. So I would choose the south if climate was the only consideration. As it isn't I would choose the north for the friendliness.
  • I've noticed that in Melbourne (I just moved there recently), in the north and northwest there seems to be more Asian / Eastern stuff, whereas in the south of Melbourne, there seems to be more Western stuff. Since I'm half-Chinese and half-Japanese, I think the north suits me better.
  • North. I live in Pennsylvania. I've been to the south, and I can't believe I didn't need a passport. The cultural difference makes me believe it's a completely different country, one that I am not welcome in.
  • North os south, where is the divide? Whereabouts east or west are you talking about?
  • It would help to know where I am... I like Southern California, Southern Nevada, Northern Arizona, South Vietnam, South Korea, South Florida, North Texas, the South of France, Northern Italy, South Jersey, and Southern Illinois.
  • As one who has lived many places. I will say "ya"ll come back now ya hear". South is the only way to go. Mr Bill
  • I would have to say the south!! The vibe is so different than the north, with the exception of Minnesota or Wisconsin.
  • I've lived in both and my choice for weather is the south but jobs and people the north.
  • I've lived in both the north and south of England and if I ever return I will definitely live in the north. The weather may be a bit cooler, but the people are a lot warmer.
  • South! You can not find better nicer people anywhere!!
  • I have always found North to be more better so I will prefer North,.. in countries that I know & if you have options then more better option is West..
  • The north, I don't tolerate heat well at all. I can always bundle up if it gets too cold but you can only take off so much when it gets too hot. Being 8 miles from Canada it's hard to get much further north in the lower 48 than I am.
  • I live up north in Philadelphia, and i would rather move in the south because up north people tend to be "STUCK UP", and in the south people seem to be more hospitable and generous. So i'd have to say i prefer living in the dirty.

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