• If it's just a gang tag or "________ was here" kind of thing, no. If it's a real work of art, I don't mind it. There are artists out there who create magnificent works of art for free. Obviously, in a perfect world, such artists would obtain permission first, but a lot of companies and building owners deny such requests out of hand.
  • I hate graffitti anywhere. It gives a bad rep to neighborhoods. I've painted over it my own self when I couldn't get anyone else to do it. And believe me, it's everywhere, from Bel Air to the docks in Wilmington.
  • Well, if it was the graffiti like they have down in Brazil, where in certain cities it is legal and people graffiti cool looking things, then hellz yeah.
  • When I am stopped by a train, I kind of enjoy looking at it but at the same time I get a little scared thinking of the big cities it is done in and what it all means.

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