• Ur in luck, b/c im gonna b a future psychologist. What i do when im glum and depressed is think of happy moments of my life. I also think of all of the exciting events that might occurr in the day. Now i cant answer ur question to the fullest extent b/c u dont include specifics, but also you should talk to a friend.Because usually when ur sad and gloomy its when something is missing.
  • I'm sorry you're sad. Unfortunately, one of the major components of clinical depression is the fact that your depression is irrational even to yourself. I would say take stock in your life and try to appreciate the good stuff you have, maybe make a list or something. Also, maybe you need to just make a change or two, exercise more, take a class or join a club. If you need to, maybe find a counselor or therapist to talk to. Good luck!
  • in the morning try turning on somr upbeat music
  • think of all the people who are handicapped that to get out of bed,that's when the pain starts. you should thank Jesus every morning for your good health.
  • I agree, it is difficult the stay positive when majority of what we see in the news is negative, discouraging and frightening. Have you ever considered studying the Bible? Jeremiah 29:11 mentions that God thinks of us and He will give us a peaceful future and a hope. The advantage to studying the Bible is that we draw closer our Creator, you choose the time and place that is most convenient and it's free of charge. You are welcome to use your own personal copy of the Bible. You can start by visiting, scroll to the bottom of the page, click on "request a Bible study". I hope this helps you to feel better, it worked for me.
  • you might have a chemical imbalance making you depressed, maybe you should go see a psychiatrist and get on some meds

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