• I have to GHETTO my job! Overslept and I'm 10 minutes late!
  • I use it in place of make shift or jerry rigging I call it ghetto rigging, and it usually involves duct tape or wiring of some kind.
  • Usually by asking, "Have you ever heard Cartman's version of 'In the Ghetto"?
  • "I live on the westside of Salt Lake City Utah. I think it's funny when people tell me that is the ghetto".
  • "Damn dude! Your house looks ghetto as hell!"
  • #As the snow flies, On a cold and grey Chicago morning, a poor little baby child is born, in the ghetto# ! :-)
  • The last time I used it..I used it to describe an area of hunters point.
  • last week, when i was "making" paper at work cause we're too cheap to buy it .. as in, i had to take the old school paper thats connected to each other and has the little tabs on the side that rip off .. i have no idea what's it's used for or why we had it, but anyways i had to seperate the pieces so that we could print stuff .. i thought it was ghetto .. ps. no one has any idea what im talking about probably
  • I use it solely to refer to the primarily Jewish quarter of Warsaw during WWII, as in "the Warsaw Ghetto."
  • Only when I'm singing Elvis Presley's song "In The Ghetto" while I'm in the shower ;-)
  • I use the word Ghetto when describng my first car... my 1990 Ghetto GOld Lincoln Town Car That car was so fabulous!
  • The word 'ghetto' isn't really one that I had heard till I came on the internet and talked to some American people.
  • I use it to describe the run-down, low-end hospitality town in whic I live. As in, "Kissimmee is a tourist ghetto."
  • Something is ghetto, when it exemplifies poverty and desperation at the same time. Example: Your iron breaks, so you heat a pot of boiling hot water to iron your clothes. This is ghetto.
  • I think when I've used the word, it's been to describe or talk about the ghettos in eastern Europe where they kept (read imprisoned) many ethnic peoples like Jews and gypsies in the mid 1900s.
  • As a proper noun.
  • I use the word ghetto to subsitute the word stupid or stupidity.
  • It's a word I don't like and don't use.
  • I think the only time I've ever said it was when I sang alone with Elvis, that song about the ghetto.
  • In reference to hoodlum or urban things.
  • That is so ghetto !
  • Come to my hood and you would really know how to use word "GHETTO"
  • Say your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and you need to keep going, so you grab some newspaper, a toilet paper roll or some duct tape & you fudge it so it works again (barely) This is what I call a 'ghetto' fix. (My brothers car for example, is one big ghetto'ed piece of &^&*^$#@ and it lets him down everywhere, and he fixes it with bits of schoolbag and stuff, because he's an apprentice mechanic and cant afford a better car on his $5 an hour pittance wage)
  • (to live in ghetto conditions): As a child, she lived in one of New York's poorest ghettos. (a part of society or group that is in some way divided from the main part): Brought up in what he describes as 'a middle class ghetto', he imagined that all people were as privileged as he was. ghettoize, UK USUALLY ghettoise (often passive): (to treat a particular group in society are as if they are different from the other parts of society and as if their activities and interests are not important to other people) Feminist writers, she claimed, had been ghettoized, their books placed on separate shelves in the shops. The TV company is aware of the danger of ghettoizing disability issues by offering 'specialist' programmes. He was trapped in the pink-collar managerial job ghettoes.
  • sounds like a new word for gateau to me :) yum..
  • i use to the term "ghetto" to describe ignorant people that humiliate them selves based on their ridiculous actions.
  • omg, I never say that word but I did today. I said Using a rubberband around your wallet is so "ghetto".

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