• Jails aren't already crowded enough?
  • Not unless they make a law. Prison ain't no place to be.
  • Not really but certainly some concessions should be made to the partner during the divorce.
  • No, because they may have had full permission to do so. If not, the punishment meted out within the relationship will be severe enough for me. I am not the "morals police."
  • No, because if you put them all in jail, there will need to be bigger prisons, and to keep them there, it costs money. and who pays to keep them fed and showered? The people pays, and do you want to pay your tax dollars on people who cheated on their spouses? I sure as hell dont.
  • No, but a nice beating wouldn't hurt
  • Yeah most american prisons are maxing out already as it is. This kind of stuff needs to be resolved by the two people, not by forced retainment. Prison can't solve whatever problems cause people to cheat on people.
  • no way man
  • no....we've got criminals walking the streets that should be in jail~i'd rather that be the focus instead of cheating adults; i think that cheaters create their own jail called "karma" and it will come back to haunt them......
  • No -- central to the concept of crime is the HARM done; the two people doing the cheating are consenting adults (and if they aren't, THEN they should be jailed). And nobody is responsible or criminally liable for hurting someone else's FEELINGS...
  • Ok you guys, cheaters should NOT go to jail. But then there is the issue of jealousy fueled crimes. A man comes home, catches his wife in bed with another man, then kills them both. What are the ethics of THAT?
  • yes! That would be a great law!
  • Absolutely not, slapped around a bit, maybe. I think 65% of the country would be in jail, according to the statistics.
  • I think that if a spouse can prove that his or her S/O was cheating on them it should help them in the divorce settlement. It used to make a big difference but now it doesn't seem to make any difference at all.
  • Hilarious idea. The fundamentalist religious nuts will be all for it.
  • I don;t think jail is the right punishment. I do however think that when "the other woman" KNOWS the man is married she is equally guilty. The man took the vows BUT she KNOWS he took them. She is actively enabling him to cheat and participating in the possible destruction of a family. The man usually confronted by his spouse deals with his guilt and his crime while the other woman goes merrily along to pursue another relationship without ever having to face the reality of what she's done. UNLESS he leaves the wife and kids to be with her - In that case what she ends up with is not this "prefect man" she thought she was "dating" but a man riddled with guilt now that he sees the devastation caused to his wife and kids. She deals with the resentment he will feel at times as he is laying there thinking "my kids and wife are home crying over all this, how did I think this was the right thing to do"....that's the other woman's punishment. She then sees the wrong in what she has done. Every time the kids are with their father and they treat her like the loser she is because kids will naturally feel horrible for their mom and look for the outlet to expres their anger- and therefore treat dad differently as well as this "new woman". I think these women should be publicaly called out for the "homewreckers" they are. And even IF the man said his marriage was not happy...his FIRST obligation was to that family and his wife...BEFORE persuing a new relationship. A good reputation takes years to build and only a minute to destroy. Once destroyed and your "dirt" is out in the open- you may never get that good rep back. That in itself is a punishment. I do think there should me better recourse for a victimmized spouse and kids to sue the other woman (if she was in fact aware of the marriage) in court. She played in someone elses backyard and had NO RIGHT to do so...she is trepassing. I try to live my life and make my choices based on one thing "if I don't like how it looks when seeing it thru the eyes of my children then I just don't do it...period" If more ppl would tink about how their kids would see their behavior there would be alot less bad behavior and choices in this world!
  • I know that the jails are overloaded, so I don't think it would be an answer, albeit I think that they should pay, it should be a crime. I think that they should be charged and humiliated at least. And, a fine paid to the victims. Maybe some road crew work with an A on their reflective vests. Why not? When I was sitting at home for the weeks he was taking my friend on week long camping trips, parking in the woods two times a week and once on weekends for thirteen years, while I went through breast cancer, a diagnosis of MS and he manipulated me to think that I was crazy and wrong and had me crying and asking him to forgive me for even suspecting him of cheating, yeah. He is a criminal. He had five others as well. Now that he needs viagra, he is home and loves loves loves me. Eff him.
  • No because that is ridiculous...and also I think that people should look at cheating case by case, I personally do not see it as being an absolute wrong...and If my husband cheated on me I would rather try and work through it then sen him to jail. I think though very humourous, the idea of sending them to jail is absurd.

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