• Don't use limewire if you plan on using to download anything illegal. It's been bought by the government and they are using it to track people who download and upload illegal content like mp3's and movies. I kid you not this was in a news article. Same goes with Google ares, it's better and less popular so it isn't tracked.
  • You can also use Emule, Shareaza or Firewire. Set them up to use UPNP and you should be good to go. If not, you may need to manually forward ports in order to get properly connected. Limewire is not owned by the government btw but by Limewire LLC.
  • Is the firewall on your router rather than on your pc? What router are you using?
  • Maybe your ISP is blocking access to limewire. Ü
  • Thanks to all that have answered...I found out that the Gnutella Network had a glitch. I found this information through the Frostwire site but, Frostwire and Lime wire are both run by Gntuella so the patch worked for me. This is what I found incase anyone else ever has the same problem. It helped me! From: Windows users can do this simply with a patch introduced 15 January 2008, The patch will work with XP and Vista. Please Try it and all feed back from all Windows users would be greatly appreciated. Our thanks to FTA for this patch. The instructions are simple: 1. Download zip file from 2. Close FrostWire completely if it's running 3. Open the zip file and then click on 'fixgnutella.exe' The exe file is virus free and it should be running without problems, but in very rare situations could need some kind of "DLL" or additional files.
  • Use UPNP

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