• Yes, and no... though I did kill a cassette player with iced tea once.
  • Never . . . not enough room and I have a hard enough time with my computer as it is.
  • I do~No it hasn't! I am at work when on the computer.We have the rule that if you damage it you pay for it! I am very careful and use a covered coffee or beverage cup!
  • Many times every day. I have never had any problems with my computer or keyboard, and yes, I have spilled many things!
  • Oh yes, I have sprayed my monitor with various beverages due to laughing on several occasions.
  • Yes, I do both. One time I spill a whole cup of tea in the keyboard. Luckily I don't put milk or sugar in my tea so once it dried out, it was usable again. Also, every now and then I turn it upside down and shake it out to get the crumbs out. It can hold a lot! :-)
  • I do both at my work computer all the time. Luckily, nothing has happened yet. ::Knocks on wood::
  • Every morning I drink my two cups of coffee while at the computer on far so good! :)
  • I have a laptop and no desk, so I often sit on the couch and eat dinner while checking email or whatever. The other day, I had a piece of cake with chocolate frosting, and the stupid thing tipped over and smooshed chocolate into my USB cable ports...I got it out and everything is hunky dory, but it sure was annoying lol. Other than that, I've not caused any major damage with food or beverages :)
  • Yes, and oh yeah! My laptop took two spills over a month, frying the keyboard. I had to physically uninstall it, and can only type using an external keyboard.
  • I do. But I don't eat over my keyboard and I keep all drinks away from my equipment. Sure something may occasionally spill and ruin your keyboard. Well, good excuse to buy a better keyboard.
  • i always do, my computer table sees more food then my kitchen table, and i can't say ive ever spilled anything that harmed the computer.
  • Yes, very carefully and with no mistakes!
  • I do both and have been really lucky that nothing has spilled but of course now that I went and bragged I am sure tonight will be the night.
  • Oh yes, I hardly eat dinner at the table really, unless I have company over, and even then it's mostly friends that eat on the couch XD. As for damage...Well not really, I try to be as careful as possible, my gaming keyboard is downright expensive.
  • Oh yeah! I have yet to spill a beverage on my keyboard though. The layout of my computer armoire prevents that.

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