• she wouldn't be where she is if she had a different husband
  • Which party rules is she not abiding by?
  • Hillary is the definition of a hypocrite. She's getting worried, and it frightens me a little to think of the lengths she would go to win.
  • Let her. I'm no fan of McCain, but I DESPISE Hillary; and she's such a polarizing figure, if she wins the nomination she'll bring the Republicans out to vote in DROVES come Election Day and end up defeating herself...
  • Honestly I'm just laughing at Hilary at this point, she's so far out there that her supporters are looking for ways to boost her appeal. From what I've observed her supporters have run out of arguments except for the classic "Obamas sexist" remark. Heres the newest "offensive sexist" speech he gave that offended so many XD.

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