• Last night while watching Fawlty Towers. John Cleese..he does it to me every time.
  • once upon a time in study hall... LOL it makes me crack up just thinking about it :D... *its more of a 'you had to be there thing' XD
  • about a week ago I listen to a guy speaking nothing Spanish trying to ask a woman who understood nothing but English where the eggs and milk were at the store. I finally stopped laughing long enough to show the man myself.
  • when i watched jeff dunham and peanut few nights ago on youtube. hes funny :) or the fonejacker - bank robbery - clip.
  • At work a couple of weeks ago. I honestly don't remember what was so funny's getting on my nerves that I can't remember.
  • I'm not sure, but it might have been when I discovered "Garfield minus Garfield" ( In that case, it was a few weeks ago. Go ahead and read them, they're hilarious :D (and I'm normally not a very big fan of Garfield..)
  • About ten minutes ago. I was doing my usual youtube stalking and I was watching a biscuit review. For about the millionth time. Ah, Jimmy. Custard creams have never been so funny. This answer makes perfect sense to me, if not anyone else :)
  • Sunday at church when I misheard two teenage boys when they said "feet war", I thought they said "pee war" and then they had to act it out for me... Gross!
  • Just over a week ago... I coach middle school basketball and my guys had played a couple of tough games winning districts and we were giving a couple of guys on the varsity a hard time about them going undefeated and blowing everyone out... We had to work for our title with little guards trying to box out big guys... we were watching tapes and just cutting up for an hour. sorry you had to be there.
  • Last Sunday, my son and I were were trying to explain the Monty Python sketch, The Joke, to my daughter. When we got to Hitler telling the crowd the German version, using actual war time archive films with added sub-titles, my son started laffing so hard he couldn't breathe, that made me laff at him. "My dog has no nose."
  • 2 days ago .. I watched Chris Rock's stand up about rap music on youtube (for the zillionth time!) .. he always cracks me up, and I end up laughing so hard cos I imagine me and my girls every Sat night dancing to that kind of music. I luv that man!!
  • I was graciously introduced to Achmed the Dead Terrorist (Jeff Dunham). I almost peed myself.
  • It was a short 1 minute thing on you tube, Foster Brooks on safe boating. The reason I liked it so much is it reminded me of a couple of my drunk friends who were fishermen, trying to tell me about safe boating.
  • Monday Night Headlines on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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