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  • It's fine. Let him stay as long as he likes, but if he's wearing a condom he needs to pull out before his penis becomes flacid.
  • It won't hurt his penis if he leaves it your vagina.
  • It won't hurt and it might even be pleasant feeling him inside you. Feeling him go soft,inside you. Sure beats the guy that just rolls over and goes to sleep.
  • That sounds like fun. Try it and let me know how it goes. :-)
  • It's been my experience that it doesn't take long till they go soft and it slips out.
  • Sometimes I like to stay inside my girl after cumming, especially if I can stay hard--or mostly hard. I enjoy the slipperiness, and as an added bonus, my girl might be able to come again. Some girls I've been with can squeeze my penis with their PC muscle after their orgasm, which I really enjoy.

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