• Yes fo shoe
  • its a good start... i would add some sort of stomach exercises with this routine. long distance runners and swimmers definitely burn belly fat off. long distance bicycling etc. whether 2 miles is enough..only your body can answer that guess is you will need a little longer run, swim, bike ride,etc at least once a week to get the fat burning system tuned up. once it kicks in,after a few weeks or months, 2 miles would be plenty
  • that and some sit-ups. i recommend the Ab-Lounger. i got one a few weeks ago and it works good.
  • Oh yes. I wish I could make myself do that. :(
  • Here's a good workout for you, to lose belly fat at least: Mon: 2 miles + Abs Tues: 2 miles + Abs Wed: Rest Thurs: 2 Miles + Abs Fri: 2 Miles + Abs Sat/Sun: Rest but do some Abs. This will get you toned.. believe me it works.
  • Sure if you also decrease the amount of carbohydrates you eat.
  • The people posting on this are complete dipshits. There is no link between doing ab exercises and losing fat around your abs. Your body will metabolize carbs/protein/fat from wherever it can get it to create the energy to carry out the sit ups. A misconception by those who know NOTHING about fitness is that ab exercises will burn fat around the abs. This is absurd. If you want to burn the fat around your abs eat well and do lots of cardio. You will most likely lose inches throughout your entire body. There is no way to tell the body to ONLY burn fat around the midsection...although that would be awesome.
  • I am not sure. But if you run 2 miles a day for a week. you will be 14 miles from home.
  • To be honest 2 miles isn't all that much, especially if you have a good pace. Even if you run a 10 minute mile (fairly leisurely) that's still only 20 minutes of cardio...try upping it to 30 minutes of cario, whatever distance that is for you and you will see better results. Although it will help you burn fat, that alone won't get you a six pack or anything.
  • The best way 2 keep fat off your belly is; "Push Aways". Push yourself away from the dining table !
  • I just came across a new diet called the Idiot Proof Diet that may help. Go to No running required, but fitness is not just about weight loss, so I exercise, too. Running at least twenty minutes a day (or every other day) should help keep your metabolism running at a higher rate, but you won't start burning fat until your body has burned out the blood sugar, which takes that twenty minutes. I recommend walking on a treadmill for an hour while doing something else rather than running for twenty with total focus. If you can get outside, the fresh air will do you good as well. Good food, good water, good air, and good exercise together make for a good chance at good health.
  • The trick is getting up off your ass to run those 2 miles. Good luck with that. Seriously.
  • You need to count your calories. Keep a journal which includes calorie counts for everything you consume. Try to keep the number below 2000. Run on a treadmill or eliptical that counts how many calories you are burning with each session to make life easier for you. Abdominal exercises may make your abdominal muscles bigger, but they won't directly affect the fat in your belly. The only thing that will burn your belly fat is burning more calories than you consume.
  • for whoever said, "The trick is getting up off your ass to run those 2 miles. Good luck with that. Seriously." - I DO IT EVERYDAY. so maybe you should try it.
  • depending on how much you weigh running can do alot of damage to your knees start off slow and consider other methods of fat burning. I run but no more than 2 miles at any one time, cycle (great alternative to running), swim, and for a total body workout(strength,cardio,fat burn) do circuit training. Exercise frequently 3-5 days a week, eat correctly and think of fitness as a lifestyle not an event.
  • If you're a beginner.. You want to get your body used to -constant- physical activity. So try some basic indoor exercises.. Jumping Jacks are great. Push-Ups. Sit ups. Jogging in place. Then start brisk walking. Then after that start jogging. I recommend a boxing interval training workout. Anyway , what i usually do is .. Before i go jog. I like to do my floor exercises first. Sit-ups/Push-Ups/Bicylce Kicks/ And lifting leight weights at an extremely repetitious rate. When you run , it supposedly burns muscle instead of fat , so i like to do a bit of interval training before i run .. Anyway no need to dive head first in the pool when you can't swim. (Metaphorically Speaking) Start small , grow big. Don't ever get discouraged. And have faith in yourself.
  • well I know more than that dude so just do 40 crunches and wait four days see what happens
  • Any activity is better than no activity. Of course, if you're serous about looking good, that's what personal trainers are for.
  • With running, add weight lifting also. It can help you burn fats fast. But remember with all this exercises you also have to go on diet.
  • its possible, just try it and see

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