• Why dont you just ask her or learn to trust her?
  • Im sure there is someway,but i would look to see if she has stretch marks on her body.Or if she gets letters in the mail,get them before she sees them and hold them over steam to open glue,read and reseal.They like big familys and have children young.They are also very nice ,friendly people.My son is half.
  • Watch OUT!!! for Phillippinas...if you are living in US, met her in US, she's a US citizen, these are good signs...I'm living in South China. There are Phillippinas everywhere. I've dated several. They invariably have at least one child (at a young age), have been married or are still ("separated"), and will SCAM you for your passport, income, etc... I have several friends here who have been caught in these webs: Married. Living in US. Sending money to "family" in PHIPNS. A couple YEARS go show up or call. Married. Living in US. Sending money to PHIPNS to build retirement property...FIVE YEARS LATER...go to PHIPNS to check on construction progress. The house is complete. Including a husband and THREE kids that have been living off provided funds for FIVE YEARS... Be VERY careful in dealing with these people. They are extremely warm and welcoming, friendly, take wonderful care of their husbands, are fantastically beautiful and very clever. The world's best con artists. You should be a master strategist if you want a long term relationship with a Philippina girl. I would not hesitate to open another relationship with one of these lovely ladies, knowing what I know now. I feel much safer for having these friends and experiences. Don't forget that marriage is and always has been a business transaction; she wants security (cash), you want proginy (more copies of you to send into the world). Don't get stiffed. Good Luck.
  • You just try to inquire at the NAtional Statistics office requesting for No marriage certificate of your girlfriend or you May send a letter to The Local Civil Registrar where your girlfriend lives and ask about here status. i guess thats all i can aDVISE.There are strecth marks that can be prevented during her first before marrying.observe her ways
  • ask her if she has married before or has any children. tell her straight that you don't want to be deceived and that it would create a serious dent in your relationship if she were to ever be dishonest to you. you give her the same respect and honesty and you expect the same from her. if you're really bold, i'd tell her that you're aware of some who marry for selfish gain.. and that you don't want to be in that kind of relationship or situation. tell her you love her and that you hope that she has the same kind of respect and consideration that you have for her.
  • OMG! these comment hurts me... anywy, I am filipina and yes there are girls just like that and Im not saying everybody because I am happily married to my American husband and to think we just met in the internet and there is no problem. As long as you guys are both Honest, and love each other... I keep telling my husband i hate LIES and that's what he told me too.
  • idk here in usa there are free public records
  • If you are really worried about it, you can ask her to provide you a "Certificate of Single Status" which is supplied by the National Statistics Office. They won't give it to you, olnly to her, so it is no good for you to apply for it, only she can do that. If you want to take her to the US on a spouse visa, the INS will insist on it.
  • There's a sucker born every minute and here's the latest one
  • If you have these questions, it is time to move on.

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