• Why don't you just use a rewritable dvd and try burning your files to it ? You will either get a message saying it can't burn the files, or if it does, you can see whether it plays or not ! If not, just erase the dvd or record over it.
  • No, no it will not.
  • Depends on how good is your DVD player. Some, the shittiest, support playing only original DVDs, but some, like the one I have, can play anything: music disks, picture disks.. and even various movie files from DVD, without any problem.
  • If you just burn an AVI file to a DVD then it may or may not, depending on your DVD player. Mine would handle it; yours may not. My DVD burner came with Nero, and I have used that to burn a collection of short AVI files (10-12 minutes each) onto a DVD that will work with *any* DVD player. Nero can do that with many video file formats, including the few that my DVD player can't read on it's own.
  • In general, burning a video file to a DVD will not make it playable on a DVD player. I'm not saying it would not be possible to design a DVD player that could do it (they do after all incorporate a computer chip to do the stuff they do), but it's not part of any of the DVD player standards. There is software available, including Windows Movie Maker, that can take movie files like AVI, mp4, mpg, wmv (the list is almost endless), and make a DVD that is playable on a DVD layer.
  • Modern ones tend to play AVIs, MP3s and other formats. These are usually listed conspicuously on the packaging and adverts.

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