• When I was thirty-three or so I fell in love with a wonderful man who was much younger than me (18). We stayed together for about a year but soon we realized (him mostly) that we'd never last and we went our ways. That was the love of my life, and although I have had many BFs and lovers since then I have never felt enough love to want to marry any one of them. And I was asked three times. ...I'm way past marrying age now, and I am alone, but I have my memories and I am not at all bitter. I always wonder about him, what happened to him? does he have a family? did he marry? I hope he's happy and okay....
  • I'll be 35 next month and I've never been married nor have I been asked. I have mixed feelings on this subject because I am sometimes reluctant to enter into an institution that has such a high failure rate, yet I would very much like to experience sharing my life with someone. While I understand that marriage is not meant for everyone, I am inclined to ask why it hasn't yet happened to me. Not sure why. I'm single, no kids, great credit, very educated yet I'm still single. Will I be happy if I never get married? I suspect I will. I'd have no alternative really. But, marriage and being a parent are two things that can't be hung up on a wall in a frame. It can validate you as being a contributing member of society. But, despite the pros and cons, I still harbor feelings and wants of being Mrs. Someone. But, until then, I must embrace my single life and if it never happens, then it just wasn't meant to be and for that, I'd have to be content.
  • Marriage means pledging your life to, and sharing everything with, a person. It means trusting a person with your heart, soul, and life. I'm 38 and have not met a person who fits me and who feels that I fit him. For many personal reasons, and reasons I don't know or understand,a match just hasn't come my way-- or any prospects. People are so superficial and it's always about looks, not compatibility or substance. That is why so many relationships and marriages fail! Besides, I was raised an only child. I'm used to doing what I please, when I please, and having my own space. I like coming and going and living in my environment as I want without answering to anyone. My life is also absent of the kind of drama that goes along with relationships and marriage. However, there is something to be said for having someone to love, who loves you, someone who's there for you and who you are there for. I am human and have those basic human needs. Hopefully, I will find my mate soon, but I cannot predict the future. I have to live for now.
  • I am just 35 and single. I would love to meet someone who I can settle down with and have always wanted children and a domestic life above a career (I have an interesting job because I have to work, so it might as well be something I enjoy). I have had several long-term relationships, which I have really tried to make work, but in the end they have left me with a nagging sense of disappointment and a fear of being trapped into a future with the wrong person. I don't think that those thoughts augur well at the start of a marriage, so I have backed out before committing. I don't know if I'm asking too much from a relationship - maybe the relationships I've had were the best I can hope for. Do other people enter marriages with a sense of fear and disappointment? I would hope to feel more certain before settling down with someone.
  • I am 40 Nope many women are users I have a hard time in the USA I have Native American Blood in me and I turn red. Now racism is real I have seen it from White AKA RedNeck and Blacks AKA Black power or panthers. As such I have no side and regardless of my success I find the only women interested in me are the dredges of society.. I tried and tried and finally thought I found a women 3 year ago but and Native American also but she had been turned purely American and llied about marriage and got pregnant and then against my wishes had an abortion. At that time I bought a house and wedding ring, but she was more interested in the party than family. I was crushed and haven't dated since. The story is worse than that but I will not get into it I am trying to get a book deal.
  • my boyfriend is in his mid 30's im 12 years younger than him. He's never been married, and has no children. I wonder if at this point in his life if sharing his time with someone else (ME) is just too much of a change? he does his own thing and has almost no time in his day where he doesnt have some activity to do. Has too much time passed with him being alone for him to make time to share his life with me?

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