• If all goes well, I will be graduating from a public school within the next few months. I was going to be sent to a private Catholic high school, but my parents were smart enough to realize how horrible an idea that was.
  • I went to a public High School. But in the UK we don't graduate from high school (you do your final exam and then just bugger off, no pomp no ceremony - Wonderful!). The first type of graduation we get is at university. I have also attended private school (earlier on). The state school wiped the floor with the private school although to be fair we were a bloody good school. We used to beat the privates in debating competitions and so on much to our delight. Although it may be different now. There was talk of doing a graduation style ceremony when I was in school but we all laughed so hard it got quietly dropped :)
  • Girls Boarding School. The time of my life. I still have many friends from there.
  • Private School
  • Private School. Excellent preparation for college and life. If only I could have afforded to send my children there.
  • Home school sucka. I was home schooled but a teacher would come to my house to teach me (not my mom). It was only during high school because I said, "I DONT WANNA GO" like a freaking brat. BIG MISTAKE! anyway, the past is the past. I would never home school my child ever!
  • You missed Alternative HS. That's what I went to.
  • Public School/ It was Townies against us Farm Kids - bit we had the best athletes and best girls.
  • Public school
  • I went to a public school in the days where there separate entrances for Boys and Girls! My best achievement was Palmer Penmanship -- Script. I still have a nice hand...
  • Still a junior in public school, though I can graduate this year if I want. I'm thinking of just skipping my senior year (I've already done everything required) and taking a year off where I just work and enjoy life. Then go to college afterwards. (Need time to save up the money anyway)
  • I graduated from a public high school.
  • An all girls private school. But the boys were only a telephone call away and we had a great time. I spent a lot of time in the library - and I've become a librarian in a very posh private school.
  • None of the above. I graduated from a Catholic K-12 (kindy to year 12) college
  • We went to a public high school. I was with my brother one year ahead and my other brother one year behind. Perfect! I liked English and French and was a cheerleader.
  • Private College Preparatory School...It was tough but it was certainly worth it. :)
  • Home school. Comments? It cost a pretty penny.
  • Public was okay...then onto University after that..
  • Public School
  • Public School
  • High School drop out. Finished HS in the military. After a long career now working on advanced degrees...
  • Stopped going to school in the sixth grade. But I went to lots of Bible schools. Read your Bible! You will learn enough and what's really important. Read your Bible!
  • ... corrispondence school ... I dropped out of high school and went to work doing industrial first aid ... since I was getting paid while doing nothing but waiting for accidents to happen, I took a vast number of courses by corrispondence over an 11 year period from 1979 to 1990 ... I got my high school equivalancy, and I got several university science degrees as well ...
  • Public High School. Football, Basketball, Baseball--yes a three letter man. Didn't look at a girl until college--then I made up for it.
  • I went to school in Cuba, and although I hated everything connected with Castro, I must admit that my education was pretty good, and if I had actually applied myself I could have been a doctor.
  • Parochial College Prep. Good times.
  • Public school, and sent my kids to one. Worked out well for all of us.

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