• There are many forms of civilian military service, however, I do not know to what extent ROTC members serve this country. Did they sign a contract and therefore become recognized as part of the military? I'm uncertain of the technicalities but Everyone expresses their sorrow differently. Ecclesiastes 3:4 says that there is "a time to weep"... let's give these families time to mourn and bury their children in peace.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      I have no problem with letting them bury their children, in whatever manner they see fit. But, being a Marine, I'm opposed to anyone getting a military honors burial who was not a member of the military. JROTC and even college ROTC members do not rate military funerals. As far as the medals are concerned, there are awards in the ROTC and JROTC programs that they may merit, but should not receive regular service medals.
    • LizzyP
      Oh, ok, thank you for that information. My Dad was ROTC and served during Vietnam, but he doesn?t talk about it. I see your point.

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